Initiated by spirit and not a practitioner, you will find that my medicine is raw, wild and crystallized.

Lucid Creations healing approach focuses on the education and application of the energetic anatomy of the body. It is comprised of an ascension of your dimensional selves. The hara line, the core star, the tan tien, the chakra system and its lower and higher levels ,the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual , etheric/subtle, astral, celestial and casual bodies. 

Founded in many ancient practices. Such as Chinese medicine, ayurvedics, sound healing, organic whole nutrition and plant medicine, lucid living, shapeshifting, alchemy and indigenous spiritual initiations (that are multi cultural in design). I support the embodiment and manifestation of divinity within the core star of life.

Lucid validifies its healing works, with the support of scientifically advanced technology, the bio-well camera.  Developed by Dr. Koroktov, quantum physicist from Russia. This professional equipment is utilized on the daily, internationally, by thousands of specialty doctors, for pre medical analysis.  The most advanced bio-energetics photography, founded in kirlian captures and electro-phototonics.  Currently, Lucid Creations is under going research study, for the publication of the efficacy of the energetic healing arts.


Starting with the identification of the pain body I discern the immediate path to balance and wellness. Taking in to account that love is light, made up of the core star, the hara line, the kundalini (chakras) and the multiple layers of self. Otherwise known as bio-energetics and the energetic human anatomy. It is my knowing that sickness is created by the in-balance of the mind, heart, body, and spirit and the energetic interference of negativity (entities, karmic issues) and their affects on the human energy system. I see this as chaotic, dis-eased and or disharmonic sound.

Being healthy is an everyday lifestyle that must encompass the whole energetic anatomy.  Balance is achieved by the full activation and understanding of the higher self and its current astrological position within the cosmos. Divinity is an embodiment of light,  a pure body temple is essential and a foundational key to ascension. Detoxing our whole body, meditation, exercise, dance, organic and superfood nutrition, a balanced diet (raw, vegetarian, limited meats and dairies), steaming, hot springs, and  massage therapy, are just a few examples of how we can ground, our spiritual sound temples into the body.