A Boutique Spa Experience. 

Welcome to the mineral rich waters of the historical Pilar Plaza outdoor bath house. Fed by a river front well on the Rio Grande plateau canyon. 

One of the great benefits of soaking in a tub versus a natural pool out in the wild, is that it offers the hygienic option of medicinal waters that are solely just for you. The clawfoot tubs are cleansed after every guest. Due to the fact that they are drained after each use, it allows one to enhance the waters with products. Which could never happen in a shared natural or commercial pool. 

Lucid Creations Company is a dream boutique focusing on the education and application of the energetic anatomy of the body for lucidity.  It is comprised of an ascension of your dimensional selves. The core star, the hara line, the tan tien, the chakra system and its lower and higher levels, the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, etheric/subtle, astral, celestial and casual bodies.

Water is the essential magickal element in dreamworks. Which creates this river front Spanish adobe abode a true place of subtle body healing. 



Ideal for a soaking escapade under the bright stars, privately reserve this enchanted dream space to yourself. Includes full property access (movement studio, kitchen, beach, grounds) for up to two adults and organic spa refreshments.

Enjoy the indoor/outdoor mineral water copper showers, clawfoot tubs and dry/wet sauna. By selecting a custom mix of high vibe natural enhancements from our self-serve apothecary bar. Flowers, herbs, clays, salts, oils and milk, leave your skin feeling like silk with an infusion of your own making.





A unique New Mexico experience, come excited to set eyes on the starlight mountains and the Rio Grande River plateau canyons. Intimately located in the evergreen high desert heart of two national forests and by several small wineries.

Would you prefer more time in the tubs? Book overnight accommodations, 2 nights minimum. 



 Initiating and manifesting transformation with sound and light.

My powerful, yet subtle applications of medicines are fundamentally gentle and are founded in the energetic arts such as vibrational resonance repair, organic nutrition, detoxification, shamanism, alchemy, ayurvedics, Chinese medicine, brain perception therapy and quantum physics.

Contrary to dream books, I practice and teach dream divinations based on perceptions and not solely on the generalizations of symbology.

Please call for private consultation and lucid dream council inquiries.

Overnight guests get a 20% discount on spa treatments.


Lucid Creations Company offers a range of unique energy treatments to help release blockages, heal on deep levels, harmonize the chakras and restore equilibrium and general wellbeing for the mind, body, spirit and soul. A vibrational space of intuition, it is recommended before receiving services from the team of practitioners to consider council with Jennifer. This allows them to offer you individualized medicine. All energy sessions are given by Jennifer and may include a practitioner.


WITCH WAY - (Private consultation with Jennifer)

An intuitive conscious discovery of your concern, chakra reading and recommendation of energetic applications. Booking an hour gives us the time to discuss the reading so that you can benefit the most.  The majority of people develop their health problems over many years, give yourself this small amount of time. You deserve it!

As multi-dimensional beings, please be aware that one hour is only an introduction to the right path towards the best current you. Depending on the severity of issue, more time may be required before initiating any action towards healing. All suggested remedies will be individually priced for your further consideration.


RECALIBRATION SENSATION - (Chakra Tuning Fork Session)

Ground the rainbow sound into the body temple, by aligning into a deep trance of a transformational vibrational massage. This session balances the chakra system and brings to light the darkness of the the human shadow. Re-program years of energetic pain, simply by relaxing and listening with your whole body, to the subtle sounds of the colors of life. A 60 minute session that includes a 30 minute reflexology and head massage. 


ENLIGHTENMENT - (Plant Spirit Crystal Body Grid)

Purify the spirit in a ritual essential salt exfoliation. Detox, ground and super nourish the star self, while being warmly wrapped in a living bentonite clay body mask. Deeply saturate in an herbal flower mineral water blend that soothes the soul .  Enliven and strengthen the aura with a plant spirit and crystal guide trance energy grid. Seal the deal, by receiving an anointed oil body blissing. A 90 minute treatment.


SHAMANIC EXTRACTION - (Removal Of Negative Spiritual Attachment)

Vibrational psychic reading of the shadow self and pain body, plant spirit entity extraction and alchemical containment, chakra system re-alignment, DETOX, individualized holistic educational program. Spiritual cleansing of the home. Please note that this service is only offered to those who are willing and capable to involve each person who lives in the same residence.  Please add $200 per additional person and $100 per pet. Although this service requires being physically present, energetic cleansing of the house can be done with or without an online guide. Those who ordered the Witch Way private session will receive a discount. A 3-4 hour commitment.




Each person in our skilled team of local regional healers have a base of at least 10 years as a general requirement. Please call for current reservations schedule, couple massages and custom bodyworks.

All services come with access to spa amenities, including mineral water tubs, showers, sauna and movement studio.



An aromatic body journey of Pinon, Juniper, Cedar and Sage. Thoroughly release the long days of pain and tension by receiving a deep tissue pressure massage. An intensely focused muscle release that will leave your body quiet enough to hear your spirits song. Sage smudge and raptor feather blessing. A 80 minute treatment



Dance to an ancient beat, purify and super feed your feet with a living bentonite clay and herbal foot soak. Activate the entire body with a reflexology alignment and plant spirit oil anointment. A 60 minute treatment.



Light and fresh are the airy massage strokes that dress the body in this soft touch temple offering. Re-sensitize the inner being by receiving the gift of free and easy flow. Set yourself a glow, with a subtle body feather activation. A 60 minute treatment.



Deeply hydrate and nourish the body while receiving a prickly pear cactus oil massage. Heal and soothe your sun loved skin with an aloe vera cactus gel body-temple seal. Anoint the feet and crown with the life giving sound of the Rio Grande River. A60 minute treatment. 



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