New Conscious Spa Menu Coming This Spring 2019

The dream boutique focuses on the education and application of the energetic anatomy of the  body for lucidity.  It is comprised of an ascension of your dimensional selves. The core star, the hara line, the tan tien, the chakra system and its lower and higher levels, the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, etheric/subtle, astral, celestial and casual bodies.

Lucid initiates transformation with sound and light.

My powerful, yet subtle applications of medicines are fundamentally gentle and are founded in the energetic arts such as vibrational resonance repair, organic nutrition, detoxification, shamanism, alchemy, ayurvedics, Chinese medicine, brain perception therapy and  quantum physics.

Contrary to dream books, I practice and teach dream divinations based on perceptions and not generalizations of symbology.

I do accept barters that are beneficial for my family and community. This option is subjected to my discretion, I appreciate your understanding and respect for my decisions in the acceptance of such a consideration.

Community Service is offered for those who are impoverished and need that extra assistance. It is a privilege and a gift to help others and I mean to be as generous as I can. Please inquire and I will do my best to help you out.