Dream alchemist, witchdoctor, ritual dancer and quantum vibrational artisan, I AM embodied each day within the enlightened right of way. Through lifetimes of development with lucid star travel, I behold a privileged gift of sight, sound and a spiritual map of the cosmos.  As an affirmed divine creator, I intentionally bring consciousness into these other dimensions. Offering pure enjoyment and heightened creativity to all of the life that I encounter . I transform the victimized into the empowered and support the artisans journey into the divine, I AM, god self.

It is my dharma and pleasure to bring awareness. By living in lucidity and activating subtle sounds in myself and in others. Re-sensitizing environments with conscious nature, I craft celestial sanctuary as a lifestyle.

It is our birth right to claim our god selves and to become active, responsible, loving creators. The spacial treasures of creation are infinite. 

Initiated by spirit and not a practitioner, you will find that my medicine is raw, wild and crystallized.

I claim paradise on Earth, by embodying my divinity and activating ancient magick. I guide others on how to shapeshift their dreams to transform their lives. As above so below, this is what the wise ones know. 


Rio Grande River

I live heaven on Earth, by animating the magickal, universal values, founded in unbounded, creative lucidity. It is not enough to think, feel, or know that we are divine, we must embody it as well. I ground, sacred sound within the body temple, and exist as a living example. With the initiated, organic enlightenments of crystallized nature, I nourish the core star. This sanctuary offers high vibes for transformation and self love. A resonation that surpasses race, sex, religion, sexual orientation and even the physical body. These principles allow for the everlasting receipt, of the awakened gifts, of god self. Love is light.

Being born inthe birthright of lucid dreaming, lucidity for me is a nightly occurrence. Maintaining proper sleep I am lucid about 6 out 12 hours of rest. The remaining of my star journeys if not lucid is remembered in vivid detail.  I take action on my dreams every single day, in devotion I have created my life around this ancient art.  It is at the root of who I am as a soul, I have earned the wisdom of this most sacred gift. Which is my greatest blessing, life after life. 

Creating a difference, I have been an activist for the last 20 years with over 50 non-profit organizations, such as: Oceana, American Rivers, Defenders for Wildlife, The Wildlife Guardians,Center for Biological Diversity, Consumers Union, World Wild Life Fund, Save the Children, Azvazz, Organic Consumers Organization, NRDC, Environmental Action, The Sierra Club, Move On, Washington Environmental, Amnesty International, Union of Concerned Scientist and Save the Bees.

On any given day you may find me rock hounding, creating food mandalas, and planting medicine wheels. I play in waters often as ritual. A worshipper of trees, I nourish their roots with eternal shrining. Attracted to the fae I often play with mushrooms.

My interest and hobbies have led me to the study of mycology and bio-technology. Such as replacing styrofoam packaging with fungi, and algae hydro carbons as a solution to plastic, for the remediation of toxic damage. By the sharing of education and research in environmental clean up, and investment, I give back to the Earth. I am a member of the Puget Sound Mycological Society. This advanced fungi club is based in Seattle Washington. I have studied mycology for 17 years with enthusiasm and passion.

Currently I am investing into organic farming, organic orchards, and property as a long term solution to living and creating a regenerative way of life. I now have the historical pleasure of claiming my home in Taos NM. A small, yet active resort town that offers year round pleasures. Recently purchasing a remote adobe several hundred years old, it is undergoing restoration. Situated river front of the epic Rio Grande river and a panoramic bowl of several national park mountain ranges. Boasting high altitude forested mountains and deep plateau unending mineral water desert canyons. Taos is the city of light, New Mexico's glittering spectrum jewel.

Always living in natural areas, I am a member of the local Fruit Tree Club, Garden Club, Audubon Society, and involved in my local agriculture groups and events. Homesteading acreage at the edge of national park property, I steward a carriage stallion and the wild animals that call the land home. As an on going dream to bring balance to the local waters, I study mollusks, giving extra attention to clams.