Lucid Creations Company is gifted to offer authentic, artisanal, intimate and one of a kind outdoor field trips. Ones that explore plant spirits, fungi, trees, crystal beings and otherworldly dimensions. On this page you will find opportunities to attend camping dream retreats, cave ceremonies and indigenous gatherings. Located in geographical energetic "hot spots".

The boutique is currently expanding its property to include creating a dream sanctuary, apothecary, orchards and gardens on historical riverfront acreage. Breaking ground immediately 2018, will undoubtedly affect my availability and special eventing capabilities. In order to be genuine within my journey, it is important that I allow the enchanted time of creation in my personal life  to reign priority. I appreciate your understanding in a schedule that reflects such, I will be very selective to what I give my time to this year.

Schedule for 2019 to be published in the Spring upon opening. No events until our new project is finished. I appreciate your understanding and patience. It has been quite the journey to restore a property that is several hundred years old.


Past events include conferences, summits, gatherings, workshops, field trips and music festivals that support and promote the energetic anatomy arts and tools of the trade.  Hornings Hide Out, Fairyworld the largest fairy gathering in the US.,Beloved Sacred Arts and Music Festival on the coasts of Oregon, Resonance Restival on Orcas Island  and many other private events.