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Dream Initiation Four - DNA Activation

Jan 112016

Dream Initiation 4 - DNA Activation

Its time to get Galactic! Coming in heavy and infinitely deep, is an offered DNA program, made up of sound and light. If one practices the first three initiations, on a daily basis, then one should be ready to experience some memorable results from this gift.
The night I received this coding and fully downloaded it into my being, was one of ASCENSION.

The Inside Journey

As the children of my middle school years sat in class, teasing others in the interim of listening to the teachers instructions, I became lucid. Feeling the old pains of analyzing my self worth amongst their taunts, I remembered my god self and began to try and escape the room. Walking into the back room, that was being used for storage and the bathroom, I began to levitate. Flying into the storage closet, as an effort to escape any negative vibrations that sought to pursue their target, I shrunk down, into a small person. Hiding in in the upper left corner of the dark shelf.

Lucidly conscious of my intent to go unseen, I listened intently. Being unseen, I witnessed as two of the kids let go of their chosen shapeshifted image, revealing two dark spirits (negative entities). Forcibly and with evil plans, the figures opened the door and desperately clawed at my body and clothes. The negative entities aggressively began to latch onto my body, tattering and grabbing remnants of my sacred self.

Carefully disappearing, I created a portal in the ceiling to escape. Standing free for a moment of sanctuary, my whole entire being lit up like a jewel of royalty. I felt priceless, shiny, and vastly ornate as I beheld the treasure of standing within one of my celestial temples. Which was wholly formed from star dust.

Anxious to take it all in, before that which sought to bring darkness found its way into my expedient locking of the gateway, my eyes laid upon vessels of every shape and form. Containers carved out of minerals and crystals that displayed every color of the spectrum, glittering their magnificence upon endless shelves made of wood. Stairs encrusted with gems spiraled their way into the upper floors of my domain. A bar on the main floor offered seats to sit upon, where nectars of my soul were to be served as offerings to my many incarnated selves upon the fortune of visiting my sacred space.

Elated and enlightened I flew out of the temple walls, in an effort of discovering the garden of which it had been built amongst. Only to find that I was in an endless sea of suns. Immediately, upon recognizing my place in the infinite galaxies of stars, recognizable to the core of my unique being, I began to vibrate this DNA activation. Shapeshifting into the un-ending parts of self, I ended as the elephant, one of my most ancient totems.

Now is the time, lucid is how you find, the treasured jewels of the DIVINE self. Are you ready to discover who you really are? Call me, lets play as were meant to, initiating astral magic is an art form.

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