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Scorpio Full Moon Forecast - May 18th 2019

May 142019


A Scorpio full moon water, flower and crystal mandala I wielded. Featuring chrysathemums, chrysocolla, rose and orange topaz.


This water zodiac is an intensifying option for deep ritual and alchemical dreamworks. Elemental transformational magick that enchants through the applications of fluids. Water is a gateway to the astral, emotional bodies and in harmonic alignment with moonphase medicine. When one activates water with the intention to access the dreamtime, it is creating a powerful anointment. One that can be applied throughout the night as a third eye and pineal gland activator, bathed in or ingested as a solution and invocation of lucid devotion. Drinking liquids at night not only helps one to wake up naturally many times while dreaming, which increases chances for lucidity, but in addition is a empowered way to request spirit guide support. Adding a spagyric tincture of rose, a steeping of white willow tea, or even a couple drops of lavender essential oil to your water at bedtime is something I recommend. Our bodies are much more sensitive at night to the subtle energies of nature and self. Nighttime dream ritual is the most successful way to gain the awesome opportunity to experience the spirits in a whole new reality. The important part is that when you choose your dream guides that you bless them up and ask for their blessings in return.

Being that I have 4 planets in Scorpio, including moon and sun, I rather love this time of year. Its energies highlighted by its opposing zodiac Taurus, the current sun sign is always one of my favorite sun and moon conjunctions. Scorpio rules the hips, the sexual organs and rectum, placing it within the root chakra. One of the two major plexuses that all prana, manna, chi, qi and or the kundalini energy is fed from. Our vitality is partly drawn up from the mother earth, through the chakras and into the corestar, the very center of soul. Our body is a microcosm of the macrocosm. The hips represent the fulfillment of one’s relationships, including sexual. Scorpio is a powerful phase to assess the balance of the receiving and giving of emotional stability in our most intimate relationships. Problems with the hips may reflect challenges with moving forward in our lives in this regards. The condition of one’s hips can say a lot about ones sense of sexual power. An ecstatic state of godly creation. Scorpio invites us to allow the exploration of orgasmic formations to empower the soul for transformation. Find what feels the most pleasurable, emotionally and sexually. Let this be your constant vibe to experience healthy and blissful relations. Including the fulfillment of your dream lover. Stretching the hips and opening the pelvic floor will assist one in any new changes of this kind. Being in a partnership takes active participation.

Commitment, seperation, emotional boundaries, pregnancy, birth, death and level of personal pleasure in life are all worthy subjects that will come to the forefront under this zodiac influence. Expect to face emotional fears and the uncovering of hidden secrets as a way to cross boundaries for an upgrade with your besties in life.

Living my dreams,

Jennifer Delker
Lucid Creations Company
Copyright May 2019


A Scorpio New Moon Dream Spell - The Enchantment of Waters

Nov 072018


The concoction in a huge white witches mug, which is only used for rituals involving water. 

This offering is most powerful when it is accompanied with body temple water purifications. This could be a hot spring soak, surfing in the ocean or even a liquid raw juice fast (using plants like cucumber which is ruled by this zodiac and this element as well).

Although the percentages of water in our bodies shifts from birth to death, the ancient truth is our health and wealth is sprung from the life giving waters. In ritual, conscious intentions make all the difference, especially as water is conductive. Your feelings, thoughts, spiritual well being and body presence imprints all life and is most recognizable in water molecules. This wisdom is measurable by quantum physics, bioenergetic photography and under microscope.

By wielding physical motions in alignment with a emotional dream need, we are creating pathways to achieve the extraordinary gifts of nature when the timing is prime. In lucid dreamworks this is the moon tides that associate with water signs. Craft magick with water ritual during this moon phase. For Scorpio I would put the emphasis on the sacral and root chakra as its body parts govern the bridge between these two plexuses. A good example would be the emotional desire to see a lover in the dream time through lucidity. Perhaps to let go of some old pain around family issues with new found understandings of hidden emotions discovered on a lucid dream journey. The need must be real, the more heightened it is to you the higher chances of success. As intense needs trigger the subconscious mind.

Ingredients –

Rose . The empress of the chakras, crone wisdom, mirror magick, psychic protection, psychic visions and higher self reflections. Vibrates to the highest levels of unconditional and emotional love. The queen of flowers, mother of babes, purifier of evil, master energetic surgeon.

Willow – Dream Goddess, tears of gentleness, subconscious opening, third eye activator, intuition divinator, night vision, creative dream guide, psychic discovery and protection. Pinpoints negative energy for water healing and dowsing. The art of shapeshifting.

Apple – Apple is one of my most precious benefactors, she by far offers the very best vision guidance for me. If she doesn't have the answer she will invoke the ones that do.  Tree worship of innocence, purity, transformer and protector from evil, god self wisdom, queen surgeon of the chakras, child, friend of elves, fairies and true love. Romances kiss and the cool touch of bliss. Unicorn, horse and centaur.

Onion – Prophetic dream wise, psychic activator, visionwalk protector, pearl of the earth, crown of crowns, bejeweled of purity, evil transformer, flame of the lust for life, knower of secrets.

Peach Moonstone, black moonstone and or moonstone – A birthstone of Scorpio, balancing, introspective, reflective and lunar. The energy relates to new beginnings, the awareness of changing cycles gracefully, it stimulates intuitive recognition and applies it in a practical sense. Emotional thoughts, feelings, enhances perception and assists in fulfilling ones destiny. It is a travelers stone and also teaches us how to operate within the natural energy cycles of the body.

You may want to add a spirit of your own liking based on your lucid dream need and individual knowledge.

This mixture can be used as a salt bath body temple consecration. If you choose this option make sure you take some out and set it aside before dipping and salting. I suggest putting it in a bowl by the bed for anointing when waking and or drinking throughout the night so you can awake. Please know that waking the self up naturally and gently is imperative to lucid dreamworks. No alarm clocks, also take a look at Sacred Dream Key Three:

In a natural circle container (no plastic), add all these items into the water. It does not matter if it is dried, oil or raw form. With your finger, owl feather, crystal dream point or wood vision wand, follow the rim in clockwise circles as many times as you feel empowered to. Chanting the following:

I invoke these powers in me, to amplify my lucidity. Awake I be night and day, in my conscious presence, here I stay. This is my will so mote it be, I assert my birthright of infinity.

Say it until you feel intensely focused then end with a drink of the concoction. Once you have ingested it I also suggest that you anoint your godhands, the third eye, the crown chakra and the root chakra plexus within the feet. Drink and anoint each time you wake during the night. Ensuring that you do it at least three times and especially more towards the lucid onset hours. Which are 4-7 am. Utilize this spell more than once, it is important that your experiences are given the proper attention for valid results. Consider activating this incantation for all Scorpio days of the new moon which starts tonight and goes for three.

Crafting it witchy,

Jennifer Delker
Lucid Creations Company
Copyright November 2018