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A Sagittarius New Moon Offering – The Red Chili Pepper

Dec 072018



This zealous zodiac, ruled by the element of fire, governs the thighs. The strongest part of the body temple which resides in the root chakra. The chili, a male spirit of this sign and element, supports the wisdom of purification/detox, the ability to cleanse extreme negativities (curses) by flame and the lusty empowerments of passionate love. With explosive, unexpected force, this plant guide excites and boosts any spell that has to do with romantic love, family, friends, home, career and bodily wealth.

Is your body lethargic or in a rut, has winters fat arrived too early?  Perhaps you are in a disastrous moving situation or a home remodel that could benefit from some extra support. Are you wanting to upgrade a romantic relationship and or start a new one? Chili will help you achieve the lover you most desire and purify the energy of the old one. Have you been verbally, mentally, physically or spiritually abused by a family member before? Does some toxic energy at work require cleansing? Has someone ever psychically attacked you or made ill claims upon your person or belongings? Are you suffering from a poor lifestyle, never getting out of survival mode? Is your house haunted or has there been trauma in the home? Do you have a child that could benefit from igniting vitality, or is too passive in their approach to achievements?

These are all good reasons to bust out this flaming hot medicine. Not to mention its healthful gifts for winter. Such as clearing our sinuses and raising the internal heats of our body by stimulating the circulatory system. Most of my witches brews will have a touch of chili as its unexpected force sets a potent tone for clear manifestation. A woman of the pepper, I eat this plant spirit in some shape or form on a daily basis as I have a innate passion for its flavor. It is interesting that my rising sign is Sagittarius and that my chosen home is in New Mexico. A land of the enchanted Ristras.


A token of activation: If your need this month is in regards to a lover/sex, then consider initiating vibrational change with this plant on the upper inner thighs, where our intimate relations take form. 


Crafting it sexy,


Jennifer Delker

Lucid Creations Company

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