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Sacred Dream Key Two - Observance

Oct 042017



OBSERVANCE - is one of the sacred keys to lucid dreaming. As such, it is considered foundational as an everyday and night practice, for consistent, willful lucidity.

As you lay in bed and your mind begins to slow its demands, try not to participate in the thoughts, feelings and sounds that come forth. Instead, let your focus come to a subtle observance of the impressions that you are experiencing, without identifying with them.

It is with this "birds eye" view, that we train in the ancient art, of being in control, of the wild subconscious parts of universal existence.

This keen, state of being, is where the adventurer begins to understand "spirit", outside of self, and their unique connections to all that is.

Observance, offers us the power of awareness, of where our soul dwells, and the choice to stay or leave, without any attachments, negative or otherwise. We become free to create.

This silent behavior (the lack of personal identification with spirit when entering the dream time) is linked to the magical mysteries of the owl, who's flight and hunt, at night, is such. This is how the owl opens our auditory and vision for keen perception, of spirit and teaches us about the advantages of silence, secrets, wisdom and magic.

The white owl, waits for its prey to come to it, unlike a great horned, screech or barn owl. Which is a worthy preponderance to attain.

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