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Bow To The King

Sep 242018


A Baby King Bolete, Autumn Equinox, Carson National Forest New Mexico.

Upon awakening from lucid dreaming, I drifted back into slumber fully awake. Intensely vibrating an entire awareness to deeply sink into the core of my body, its depth sent my consciousness into the stars, in which I rapidly descended onto a small grassy hill.

Perched, with a bird’s eye view above a rolling spread of an old Autumn forest. Large patches of conifers were prominent as orange and brown leaves from deciduous trees danced on top a windblown duff.

Realizing the joy of being free to roam with nature, I immediately felt an eager swaying of life in my right hand. Looking down I gratefully paused as I discovered that I was already with prize, a bulbous stemmed King Bolete was ready to greet and guide me.

Chubby and full, I made assessment as the substantial shape of its offering boded abundance. Approaching with presence, I silently requested to journey with the King. This fungi responded in courtesy, giving me the option of full range, submitting to my whim. Thankful ofcourse I asked in quietness where I would find his home. Spinning a complete circle within my palm he allotted that his land was grand and took leisure wherever I pointed my hand.

Running to the largest conifer one hill below, I dropped on my knees to the ground at its base. Touching the shroom to the pristine forest floor, a rectangle portal of energy opened, allowing me to place the King within his den. Prepared to stay awhile and to learn, I turned around with the intention to find a valuable gift to bequeath such royalty. Suddenly losing my vision, I asked the Earth in soul, a value that would fit his majesty. Clutching I drew up a dirt sunken fist that when opened was carrying a stone in the shape of a swastika.

Knowing that my ability to lucidly stay and play with this spirit was dimming in power, I rushed around to drop the creation into the gateway.

As a confirmation of my intuition, I awoke immediately, happily enlightened. For I am privy to the capacity of this worldly ancient symbol of fortune, divinity and creation. The swastika foretells the aligned blessings of this nature spirits grandeur.


Living my dreams,


Jennifer Delker

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