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Cancer New Supermoon 2018

Jul 132018


 July 8th, 2018. La Junta, where the two rivers meet. Questa and Cerra, northern New Mexico. Monsoon season river play.



Along with cancer season is the arrival of northern New Mexico’s monsoon rains. The vibrant beauty of the desert, when most shrivel up, is teaming with wildlife in these parts. Our thriving lands are blessed with an additional 5th season. One that promises a lush flush of life giving waters in the hottest of months. The humid aroma of the landscape is never more medicinal. Offering a whole-body steam within seconds of walking out the door.

A water aligned zodiac, cancer rules the breasts (heart chakra), womb (sacral chakra) and parts of the digestive track (solar plexus). This intuitive astrological sign teaches us about emotional nourishment, pleasurable creativity and purification. The rhythmic cleansing of our emotions through moon phases is necessary for new life to spring forth. This will lead you to advanced new relationships and brand new emotional understandings with existing ones. Be sure to make and create your decisions based on the levels of pleasure, flow, desire and elevated fulfillment. Is it possible to aim higher? Most definitely. Just make sure you do so with integrity, fully processing any toxic feelings from closing old ones. 

Aiming for unconditional love, within our most intimate relationships, this sign will bring out the most excessive amount of vulnerability in us all. As we learn to forgive others, the emotional walls we built up to protect ourselves from getting hurt will no longer be necessary. As the rewards of letting go of that which feeds off our pain is that we earn the heart warming wisdom of the ability to endlessly provide self nutriment. We become free from negative attachments.

How can we sustain and raise the vibration of someone else when we are in personal need of subsistence? This kind of emotional meal is that of the poor, feasts however, are funded by the rich. Rich in self-love that is.

A cup that flows over, a fountain of youth, is one of the secrets of blissful creation. The ability and awareness of the heavenly gift to endlessly and clearly provide emotional love. Of a nature that reflects our divinity. Life after life, and to share the run-off of this elixir with those who have not. In initiating this wisdom we become our own mother and that of others. Beholding the blessing of the life-giving waters and "holy" milk. Did you know that a mother’s milk is unique to her offspring, producing in her bosom exactly what her child is lacking. Because of this phenomenon no doctor can tell you everything that is in breast milk.

No one knows the self, better than the self, it’s time to nourish you, in a way that only you can devise. Your manna will be individualized. Protect your potential to honor your needs above others. This kind of investment is where true wealth springs from. It is our birthright to perceive and create love. In any shape or form, that allows us to feel free, in expressing our godly powers of unlimited and personalized love.

The celestial energy that is waving to the forefront, is motioning us to be vulnerable, as to surpass our hard shells of self-defense that are based in judgement. This polluted food, is grown and harvested by our wounding and limited beliefs, in the conscious understanding, of the power embedded within our emotions.

Countless scientific studies have proven that a large percentage of the population make the majority of their decisions based within their emotions. Yet, many still suffer from not living up to the needs of their hearts. Stuck in careers that are out of balance, or in relationships that do not fulfill their highest desires, and spiritual practices that leave them in fear of the loss of love in order to gain love. The latter being one of the longest standing patterns. Ones that have formed many hardened hearts and deceptions about the liberation and truth of unconditional, abundant and unlimited love. A feeling born from within and not something separate and or “higher” from us.

At the core of creation, we are everything that our hearts have ever yearned for, and until we embody this divine truth, suffering becomes the consequence.



Chakra - Heart, Solar Plexus and Sacral

Color - Green, Yellow and Orange

Plant - Sweet Pea, Cabbage and Lettuce

Tree - Eucalyptus, Peach, Lemon, Hazelnut and Willow

Animals - Crustaceans (crab), Mollusks (clam) and the Dove.

Crystals – Crocoite, Pearl, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Silver, Ruby, and Carnelian.

Mudra: Vam, Ram, Yam

Mantra - I clearly create the nourishment I need, to embody the feelings of bliss.



Yours Truly,

Lucid, Copyright July 12th 2018