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Scorpio Full Moon Forecast - May 18th 2019

May 142019


A Scorpio full moon water, flower and crystal mandala I wielded. Featuring chrysathemums, chrysocolla, rose and orange topaz.


This water zodiac is an intensifying option for deep ritual and alchemical dreamworks. Elemental transformational magick that enchants through the applications of fluids. Water is a gateway to the astral, emotional bodies and in harmonic alignment with moonphase medicine. When one activates water with the intention to access the dreamtime, it is creating a powerful anointment. One that can be applied throughout the night as a third eye and pineal gland activator, bathed in or ingested as a solution and invocation of lucid devotion. Drinking liquids at night not only helps one to wake up naturally many times while dreaming, which increases chances for lucidity, but in addition is a empowered way to request spirit guide support. Adding a spagyric tincture of rose, a steeping of white willow tea, or even a couple drops of lavender essential oil to your water at bedtime is something I recommend. Our bodies are much more sensitive at night to the subtle energies of nature and self. Nighttime dream ritual is the most successful way to gain the awesome opportunity to experience the spirits in a whole new reality. The important part is that when you choose your dream guides that you bless them up and ask for their blessings in return.

Being that I have 4 planets in Scorpio, including moon and sun, I rather love this time of year. Its energies highlighted by its opposing zodiac Taurus, the current sun sign is always one of my favorite sun and moon conjunctions. Scorpio rules the hips, the sexual organs and rectum, placing it within the root chakra. One of the two major plexuses that all prana, manna, chi, qi and or the kundalini energy is fed from. Our vitality is partly drawn up from the mother earth, through the chakras and into the corestar, the very center of soul. Our body is a microcosm of the macrocosm. The hips represent the fulfillment of one’s relationships, including sexual. Scorpio is a powerful phase to assess the balance of the receiving and giving of emotional stability in our most intimate relationships. Problems with the hips may reflect challenges with moving forward in our lives in this regards. The condition of one’s hips can say a lot about ones sense of sexual power. An ecstatic state of godly creation. Scorpio invites us to allow the exploration of orgasmic formations to empower the soul for transformation. Find what feels the most pleasurable, emotionally and sexually. Let this be your constant vibe to experience healthy and blissful relations. Including the fulfillment of your dream lover. Stretching the hips and opening the pelvic floor will assist one in any new changes of this kind. Being in a partnership takes active participation.

Commitment, seperation, emotional boundaries, pregnancy, birth, death and level of personal pleasure in life are all worthy subjects that will come to the forefront under this zodiac influence. Expect to face emotional fears and the uncovering of hidden secrets as a way to cross boundaries for an upgrade with your besties in life.

Living my dreams,

Jennifer Delker
Lucid Creations Company
Copyright May 2019


Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse 2018

Jul 272018


Considering northern New Mexico’s recent noteworthy thunder-storms one would realize that Leo was pounding a heartily charged way for Aquarius’s eclipsed arrival. I am certain I identified a lions head in the mouth of a wicked cloud burst on the 24th. This full moon zodiac is the steward of electricity and lightening.

Through our intellectual and rebellious brainworks drastic and turbulent change will occur. Transformations that lead us to moving upward and forward towards the earthly manifestation of our souls purpose. Aquarius opens us up to the wisdom of the ankles among other parts of the body temple. A right angle joint connecting the feet and the legs. This area is a symbol of supported flexible movements towards the accomplishments of a solid root chakra. Are these motions empowered or tired? Thinking about what the honest answers say about our physical reality will offer clarity for accomplishing a well-rounded home life.

Teaching us about the magickal advantages of blending, mosaics, patchworks and group inner workings, this zodiac will verbally free us into shining in our own unique way amongst all of our recognized surroundings. Reminding us that there is stability in diversity and that our path to fulfillment may be radically different from our closest relations. We need to build our foundations with others based on our most sincere truths. Are you not saying what you really need and want to in order to keep the peace? Rewarding change requires growth which always equals to something upgraded. How painful or pleasurable the process goes is up to us as individuals. It is awakening to remember that which is lost in discord is quickly regained by harmonics. Outlook makes all the difference in a smooth transition.

Word to the wise. Our close friends list and the way we deal with the existing one is aiming to expand if we seek an upper hand in branching out from our old tried world.

Liberating communication will be the tool for implementation of any new ideas that enlighten the chosen direction of shift at home, career, community or with family. Go ahead and say it, even if it is different from the groups expectations or social standards. You need to live for you first and let your life’s cracks be filled with the circulating bonds of existing in genuine authenticity with others. In this formation we begin to understand that the actual beauty of our story is weaved of many colors, shapes and sizes. When breaks are made within our tribal relations, our expressed veracity will be the glue that aligns us with an original healthy perspective.

Whether it is the acceptance of a new person in our lives, a different approach in stabilizing our chosen dharmas, perhaps a decision to mutate our daily choices to be more balanced and fulfilled at home, its empowering to ground our visions of godself by breathing them into existence (Aquarius also governs eyesight and breath). Write a new story. One that speaks from the heart, is unique to our purpose and allows us to witness real progression in the pursuits of divine self-realization. Remembering that our way of going about that is a personalized journey, that is forever in flux, not one of socialized perfection. Let our verity discover the way in group choices. Fear of losses that are based in old modes of going about things will inevitably collapse the bridge to thriving and leave us as survivors.

Subjects such as divorce, marriage, adoption and birthing, promotions, quitting our jobs, moving and community participation interests will be best solved through inventive thinking and a heavy dose of truth serum.

As this is a total lunar eclipse mainly influenced by mars, emotional anger, aggression and recklessness around relationships, personal worth and mental distress due to hidden subconscious fears will be triggered.

Chakra – Third eye, throat and root.
Colors – Blues, blue greens and red.
Crystals – Rainbow garnet, multi colored topaz, boji stones, hematite, amethyst, and plume agate.
Affirmation – I weave a charmed life as I build my tribal relations with free spirited communication.
Mudra – Ohm, Ham and Lam

Pisces Full Moon

Sep 072017



Full Moon in Pisces a 00:02 PST

Empathically dance stepping the entire blueprint, Pisces, ruler of the feet, kisses the earth with the whole body temple, in loving kindness. Giving symphonic gratitude, for all that grew, of this springs planted dream seeds. The garden of our life, and this years intended growth is ready to be collected. What did you set to soil this February/March, figuratively and literally? Did you remember to water your roots? Take stock of what actions rooted, bloomed, fruited and seeded.

By now our bellies are full and ripe, from the harvest, for the anticipated conscious break down. Organizing the years mana for optimal receipt of nourishment, and decomposing that which is toxic, we enact this Virgo gift, gut wisdom. The gut is the home of the core star, tan tien, the astral cord and the enteric nervous system. Here we find our direct path to star self, divinity, and source. It is a space of amplified pranic energy, that records and responds to emotions and communicates with our brains via a nerve pack. Support your digestive track by detoxing, this will send the message to the higher self that your ready to accept the new version of you. Pushing the restart button in the stomach and letting go of all the crap that came your way this summer. Including self limitations and complacency in regards to actively living our dream life.

Pisces and Virgo are both mutable signs, as such they allow for free form change. Gyrate your sacred movements to be in alignment with the Hindu goddess Kali. Now is the time to welcome death and alchemize the shadow self. Watch your step, if your not intentional you could end up crushing sacred boundaries that lead you into emotional ruin. Fear not, for all death (although ugly) inevitably leads to rebirth.

Recognize your feelings as food, identify and discard of the rotten ones. Observantly feast on the beautiful bounty of natural romance, knowing that death is a balanced part to life. It is joyously relieving to come to an end, our rewards of circular journey are here at last.

The following selections represent, either Pisces, Virgo and or the blending of both.

Chakra - Root and Solar

Colors - Red ,Yellow, Purple, Sea Green

Crystals - Amethyst, Kaolinite, Obsidian, Manifestation Quartz, Lodestone, Plume Agate.

Plants - Salvia, Eggplant, Oregano, Grape

Oils - Cardamom, Patchouly, Rose

Today's Numerology - 7

Affirmation - Empowered by godself, I build my dream life by letting go.

Exercise - Reflexology, Foot Stretches, Bridge Yoga Pose, Free Flow Dance, Digestive Detox


In Divinity,

Lucid Creations

Copyright September 6th 2017



Picture - Kaolinite

Kaolinite, during the activities of spiritual evolvement, helps one over the "high ridges", which could become obstacles in the path. It provides encouragement to continue in the pursuit within which one is engaged and provides sympathy when one is "down".  It further assists one in the digesting, processing, and eliminating the problems of life; it seems to transform ragged procession into smooth flow toward the infinite state of excellence. 

This mineral can also be used to provide strength to the user to rid oneself of unwanted influences from the physical plane and to dispel possession of the body by an outside force.  It assists in clairaudient pursuits, bringing forth necessary communication from the spiritual worlds and enhancing transcription activities.

Kaolinite has been used in the treatment to eliminate excess cholesterol, to bring a smoothness and tightening to ones skin, and as an anointing elixir when one is in the state of dis-ease (the anointing has cleared the way for both improvement, and subsequent recovery, via the will of the subject changing such, that the release of the disorder may be through a clear avenue of departure). It has been used in treatment of disorders of the ears, tear ducts, digestion and the lower intestines.

Vibrates to a number 6

 - Melody

Capricorn Full Moon

Jul 082017



With flexibility Capricorn bends into the full moon position (7-08-17, 9:06 pm PST). Ruler of the joints, knees, bones and teeth, this zodiac transforms and grounds down our root chakra. Within the equitable receipt and assertion of energetic pathways, that are aligned with nature, family, community, career and home, we create stable growth that builds our dream life.

Lucidity is linked with the element of water, which makes the Cancer sun an empowered phase. An elemental time to shine a focused light into the unconscious parts of empathic self. Fragments that reflect the moons position. This Capricorn offering will form a new life for us, by addressing the hidden heartfelt wounds of our karmic ancestry and current incarnated bloodlines. Asking our selves what emotional traumas need to be detoxed from our family lineage, romantic merges, cultural traditions, and our relationship with the earth spirits, will be a key to thriving in abundant love. A feeling that is fully supported by the Earth, completely measurable by the quality of our lives. Meaning, you are living your dream life. Those who are listening to the honest inner emotions, will face off the problematic adjustments and engage in the conflicting risks, so that they can have the pleasure of fully living from the heart. After all, trials are what constructs strength, which is exactly what it is going to take to shapeshift your physical reality. Knowing which paths to take will be the challenge, Cancer asks us to listen to the heart center as a DIVINE gauge to a successful life.

Confrontations such as leaving the job that under values us, forgiving (not forgetting) and learning from those who have hurt us most intimately, and letting go of deep cultural racisms will be topics for discussion (war, genocide). Neutralizing old aggressions learned from our past, ending and or healing our polluted relationships, and spending time nurturing the things that we love most about ourselves, will naturally navigate our Earthly positions. Setting us up to flourish.

Governor of the breasts, womb and parts of the digestive trek, Cancer is all about the joyful creation of self nourishment. Once we learn to hone this skill, we can trust that there will be enough nectar flowing for the pleasure of others. Using our vulnerability as a strength instead of a weakness, will make the honest discovery and the enactments of such, light work. Moving ancient mountains with a river of life.

The following is a selection for both zodiacs.

Chakra - Root, Sacral, Heart

Colors - Red, Orange, Green and Acqua or Peridot

Plants - Cabbage, Lemon, Lettuce (Cancer), Beet, Turnip (Capricorn)

Trees - Pecan (Capricorn), Hazelnut (Cancer)

Numerology - 7, Quiet, Introspective, Intuitive, Analytical, Inspirational, Reclusive, Philosophical, Mystical.

Animal- Crustaceans, Mollusks, Goat

Crystals- Green Beryl, Lead, Galena, Rhodizite, Topaz Multicolored, Tektite Guandong, Flame Aura Quartz, Chevron Amtheyst, Moldavite, Meteorite, Vivianite, Moonstone, Pearl, Ruby.

Affirmation- Nourishing the feelings of love, shapes my life to reflect abundance.


Picture: Vivianite clam found in Washington state.


Yours Truly,


Copyright 7/7/2017