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Pisces Full Moon

Sep 072017



Full Moon in Pisces a 00:02 PST

Empathically dance stepping the entire blueprint, Pisces, ruler of the feet, kisses the earth with the whole body temple, in loving kindness. Giving symphonic gratitude, for all that grew, of this springs planted dream seeds. The garden of our life, and this years intended growth is ready to be collected. What did you set to soil this February/March, figuratively and literally? Did you remember to water your roots? Take stock of what actions rooted, bloomed, fruited and seeded.

By now our bellies are full and ripe, from the harvest, for the anticipated conscious break down. Organizing the years mana for optimal receipt of nourishment, and decomposing that which is toxic, we enact this Virgo gift, gut wisdom. The gut is the home of the core star, tan tien, the astral cord and the enteric nervous system. Here we find our direct path to star self, divinity, and source. It is a space of amplified pranic energy, that records and responds to emotions and communicates with our brains via a nerve pack. Support your digestive track by detoxing, this will send the message to the higher self that your ready to accept the new version of you. Pushing the restart button in the stomach and letting go of all the crap that came your way this summer. Including self limitations and complacency in regards to actively living our dream life.

Pisces and Virgo are both mutable signs, as such they allow for free form change. Gyrate your sacred movements to be in alignment with the Hindu goddess Kali. Now is the time to welcome death and alchemize the shadow self. Watch your step, if your not intentional you could end up crushing sacred boundaries that lead you into emotional ruin. Fear not, for all death (although ugly) inevitably leads to rebirth.

Recognize your feelings as food, identify and discard of the rotten ones. Observantly feast on the beautiful bounty of natural romance, knowing that death is a balanced part to life. It is joyously relieving to come to an end, our rewards of circular journey are here at last.

The following selections represent, either Pisces, Virgo and or the blending of both.

Chakra - Root and Solar

Colors - Red ,Yellow, Purple, Sea Green

Crystals - Amethyst, Kaolinite, Obsidian, Manifestation Quartz, Lodestone, Plume Agate.

Plants - Salvia, Eggplant, Oregano, Grape

Oils - Cardamom, Patchouly, Rose

Today's Numerology - 7

Affirmation - Empowered by godself, I build my dream life by letting go.

Exercise - Reflexology, Foot Stretches, Bridge Yoga Pose, Free Flow Dance, Digestive Detox


In Divinity,

Lucid Creations

Copyright September 6th 2017



Picture - Kaolinite

Kaolinite, during the activities of spiritual evolvement, helps one over the "high ridges", which could become obstacles in the path. It provides encouragement to continue in the pursuit within which one is engaged and provides sympathy when one is "down".  It further assists one in the digesting, processing, and eliminating the problems of life; it seems to transform ragged procession into smooth flow toward the infinite state of excellence. 

This mineral can also be used to provide strength to the user to rid oneself of unwanted influences from the physical plane and to dispel possession of the body by an outside force.  It assists in clairaudient pursuits, bringing forth necessary communication from the spiritual worlds and enhancing transcription activities.

Kaolinite has been used in the treatment to eliminate excess cholesterol, to bring a smoothness and tightening to ones skin, and as an anointing elixir when one is in the state of dis-ease (the anointing has cleared the way for both improvement, and subsequent recovery, via the will of the subject changing such, that the release of the disorder may be through a clear avenue of departure). It has been used in treatment of disorders of the ears, tear ducts, digestion and the lower intestines.

Vibrates to a number 6

 - Melody