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Sacred Dream Key Five - Alignment

Jul 072018


Alignment is one of the sacred dream keys. Your sleep formation must be crystalline.

The position you sleep in makes all the difference in the world. Proper positioning is foundational in the art form of lucid dreaming. It is imperative to stay flexible for fluid dimensional travel. Allowing one to retain bodily freedoms when acting out universal empowerment of microcosm self. 

When we move our body we authorize Godly powers of creation. These empowerments can be achieved in extraordinary dimensions of reality. Acting as portals or gateways to propel transformation in our soul journey. Changes that directly affect the quality of our physical lives.

If you are a side sleeper, a fetal enthusiast, or some one who is drawn to sleeping on their stomach, then do so in the first half of the night. Upon your first awakening, switch over to the back with your arms down the side. Taking on a natural spine lengthening position. This posture aligns the spine and all the energetic layers of self. Offering balanced, optimal kundalini for a higher chance of lucid success.

It is worth mentioning that it is in the stomach and torso where the lower and higher energy lines meet. The gut is the home of the core star, astral cord and the tan tien. Give your heightened attention to this sacred center of self when star traveling.
As above so below, this is what the lucid dreamer knows. It is most advantageous to make way for a clear take off and successful landing. 


Photo Credit - John Peter, Crystal Caves


Jennifer Delker

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