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Jul 212018



Crocoite is a mineral that I associate with the water zodiac of Cancer and align with the sacral chakra. This astrological sign, among other parts, governs the womb. Crocoite’s multi colored birthing formation has been known to attract advanced romantic relationships. Awakening our emotional knowing that is based in pleasurable creativity, including lust and sexual desires. It displays a color range that goes from yellow, to multiple shades of orange. My favorite being saffron which is a personal power flower totem, from the crocus.

A stone of metamorphism, it assists in the death and rebirthing process. Regulating our receipts and activated energies in the creation process. Leading us to intimate heights of ecstatic soul co-creations. Be it with nature spirits, lovers, children or even best friends. It has been mentioned that it also goes as far as to support the conversion between the spirit entering and leaving the body and the transition between lives. Offering a simple and self-composed method during changes from one situation to the next.

Stimulating womb intuition, I personally recommend it for goddess oracles who are into the arts of divination. Ones that rule matters of life and death that are based within the deep feelings. Be it the consideration of continuing or ending a relationship that will physically change our lives or perhaps going into a family business that involves close to home considerations. Crocoite will ensure that the answers lead us to one that is initiated towards enjoyment.
The crystal is obviously used for the dis-ease within the emotions and the support towards the reproductive system.

Having problems getting pregnant with lifes joy? Consider Crocoite.




Jennifer Delker

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