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Sacred Dream Key Five - Body Temple Purification

Aug 302016


It is not enough for one to think, feel or know their divinity. In order to reach the resonant heights necessary for the willful states of consistent lucid dreaming, you must be divine.

What exactly is being divine? One of the ways to embody divinity, is the complete, frequent, purification/detox of the whole body, and not just the digestive track. Digestive body cleanses are the predominantly marketed method.Which is a good start, but is in no way an adequate replacement for whole body purging.

It is foundational to the manifestation of lucid dreaming, to update and or clear the vibrational imprint of our bodies, for optimal operation of the total layers of self. If a energetic healer, medical doctor or specialist does not make mention of grounding their offerings into the body, I would really question their abilities to fully heal you. The majority, will receive one part of the needed healing. Which will more than likely wane, as the vibration can not be sustained by a body that is ladened with toxins. Remember, our physicality is just one layer of self. Even if you do receive measurable, physical healing, one must address all the other layers.

From pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, carcinogens, candida, parasites, and fungus to the cleansing of the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system (especially those who drink, smoke and eat conventional industrial food), there is still so much to address even if we eat and live an organic life style. Unfortunately, all life is being attacked by this negative energy, due to our criminal government, entities and the ignorance of our own god powers. Our lands, waters and air ways, are intentionally targeted with deadly toxins on the daily, be aware. Furthermore, this is just the outside environment. Inside many people use poisonous chemical cleaners in their homes and businesses, carpet their floors, and use toxic chemical beauty products. Goodness, even the receipts from the cashiers are laden with BPA.

Undeniably, our bodies are a temple of light (a living vessel), pristine resonance is key to godly creations, the physical body should be in full alignment with a thriving, balanced, chakra system.  Lucid, as an artist, directly links the purity of the body as foundational to, clear, nightly and daily, willful, manifested transformation. You must ground your energetic connections into the body. A body that is saturated with toxins will not be able to sustain and hold your new creations for physical manifestation

Please see the purification website page for Lucid's chosen, and recommended, whole body cleansing techniques. Which really should be followed up with a chakra tuning fork calibration, for a divine seal of light and stellar, lasting results. This is even more important for those facing surgery, birthing, or any procedure that will highly disrupt our energetic system, such as a new bodily injury.

I hope to hear from you all with questions and requests for upgrades.

Purification and Detox


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Dream Initiation Five - Brain Waves

Feb 182016



Dream Initiation 5 - Brain Waves

Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, Gamma

Researcher H.W. Dove discovered that when two tones close in frequency are presented, one to each ear, the brain detects the difference between them as a third frequency. This pulsating binaural beat is actually created inside your head, not externally. This is because your brain creates the beating tone after figuring out the difference between the lower carrier tone and the higher offset tone. The two hemispheres of the brain entrain to this binaural beat rather than the audible tones. For example, a 90 Hz tone and 95 Hz tone will induce a 5 Hz theta brainwave cycle.

Theta activity reflects the dreamlike state between wakefulness and sleep. Binaural beats in the theta (4 to 8 Hz) range have been associated with meditation and shamanic states of consciousness. Theta increases creativity, enhances learning, reduces stress, and awakens intuition. Binaural beats in the alpha (8 to 12 Hz) range have been associated with relaxation and light trance states. Binaural beats in the beta frequencies (16 to 24 Hz) have been associated with reports of increased concentration or alertness and improved memory. Binaural beats in the delta (1 to 4 Hz) range have been used to help induce sleep.

Carrier tones used on binaural recordings also influence consciousness. Most binaural beat recordings place little importance on the choice of carrier tones. However, the appropriate carrier tones will not only induce a desired state of consciousness, but also activate a particular chakra. Chakras are vibratory energy centers located along the center of the human body. Each vortex of energy is associated with a particular function of consciousness. They are the interface among the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of one's being.

Activating at will, brain waves via binaural beats and or brain wave tuning forks , is a intentional way of accessing more dream states, even during the day. It has been measured by science, that when a shaman goes on a drum journey, that during this time they actually go into new brain waves at will, particularly Theta. This brainwave is otherwise only available to those when they are deep asleep and unfortunately most do not remember their journey.

One may become LUCID while awake or asleep. To get your tools today please visit.

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