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Sacred Dream Key Six - Body Temple Plant Grids

Aug 072018


If you are not born within the birthright of lucid dreaming you will most definitely rely more on this ancient shamanic tool. Entrusted to me by the nature spirits themselves, there is not one single night that I go without sleeping within a body temple plant grid.

Nature spirits are the crystallized consciousness of the celestial heavens. Their olden wisdom is forever lasting. They are the nourishing roots that feed the souls quest to enlightenment and divine manifestation. Grounding infinite creative source into physical reality they surpass re-incarnation and retain the coded information required for universal exploration. Offering the vibrational key to activate intentional dreamworks. Which one you choose is completely up to you. The gift is knowing their individualized medicine and how to access it for your own personal energetic advantage. Considering your worldly astrology (Chinese, birth natal and so forth), Ayurvedic doshas, numerology, power totems, chakra state of balance, nutritional capacities, blood lineage and current astrological alignments makes all the difference. Applying this unique knowledge and mixing it with your own personal imprint is a lucid council dream skill. One that comes with powerfully proven results.

What exactly is a body temple plant grid? The human anatomy is a universal map, a microcosm of the macrocosm. Each somatic part represents a gateway to universal empowerments. I ground the sacred sounds of nature into the body temple by intentionally placing them on the appropriate portal part. Guiding the seeker into a deep vibrational plant heart beatz trance. It is likened to the healing art of the laying on of stones. 

Lucid dreaming, by most, is equated to pineal, third eye chakra and or brainwave works. I am here to share that it is my personal extensive experience that this a very limiting perspective. Engaging all the balanced chakras for optimal subtle body functioning is the key to initiate and sustain multi-dimensional traversing. Out of a nightly 12-hour period of rest I am actively lucid at least six and fully remember in vivid detail the whole rest of my spirit vision travels.

The auric field which is also referred to as bio-energetics and or the immune body is the rainbow bridge to heaven. Repairing light frequencies and power boosting the plants innate gifts within your own field by spiritual merging, we create the way to willful ascension. Lucid dreaming at its core star is the ability and the enlightened awareness to create at an unbounded godly level. Omnipresent subconscious works of art that shape and shift our physical reality and enhance our quality of life.

Dreamseeds only root within the earth when we take action by changing our vibration. This resonance must be sustained by the vessel of the body to build form. Detoxing and spiritual purification (negative entity removals) is the best accompanying tool when the art of manifesting dreams becomes a very serious goal. It is wise to know that plant spirit merging is just one way that we can transform our resonance. There are many different paths to sound healing. Options that I plan to share in future dream council offerings.

Nature spirits gift us with energetic treasures that are of the highest harmony. Compilations of refined presence that would take the average human soul many lifetimes to achieve and or master. By uniting with the wise ones, we propel our needs to heightened states of priority with ease and in empowerment.

Unlike most lucid dream plant write-ups, some which I know are completely intellectual and or cultural, lack the proper proven lucid experience to be considered as valid. The plants I choose are not so exotic or hard to get at. In addition, my choices are gentle and effective. While I support the proper and protective use of entheogenics, this application is being grossly abused and leaves a lot of people for the worse. Instead my diverse nocturnal escapades invite the ones I am closest too in life. To name a few, the onion, apple, pine and walnut tree.

In short, becoming lucid may require something different for each person. This realization is where lucid dreaming really becomes a spiritual art of conscious health. By addressing the skills of dreaming individually, real results are attained. It is seriously important to know that dream blocks include addressing the pain body. The pain body is best alchemized by nature.

Consistent lucidity is a lifestyle and not a one night episode of chance. A rare and lost dream art, I AM one member of a long-lived small group who remembers and engages, day and night, body temple plant grids. 


Transforming your life is as simple as changing your vibration.



Jennifer Delker

Lucid Creations Company

Copyright August 2018


Sacred Dream Key 3 - Focus

Nov 032017



FOCUS - Is one of the sacred keys to lucid dreaming. Just as the owl has the most accurate of sight in the night, so must you. If you would like to create lucidly, you will need to focus on your ability to focus, day and night. Meditation is a good exercise but some are composed just for dreaming.

Allowing oneself to start the regular perusal of dream focusing techniques is an initiation in itself. Opening a doorway in your life to the higher purposes in the journey of the potential in this action. 

For your first practice, I offer a simple yet powerful lucid dream body meditation. Personally, I use this several times in one night, being I wake up many, many times to ground my star creations with earthly magick. Willfully going into a deep body trance to open my temple to the keen senses of multidimensional self, it intensifies the ability in being conscious for lucidity. Creating a pristine subtle sensitivity in the focused awareness of physical existence. An exercise that continues to trigger my lucidity while flying, the dense rhythmic vibrations of physical matter are the portal. 

Begin with becoming very quiet within your body, you will be using mostly your mind, heart, spirit and other parts of dimensional self for this exercise. Start at the very tip of your toes, taking all of your awareness to each individual one.  Reserving to move from the toes until you can individually feel each one as a separate extremity, without moving them what-so-ever. Once you have full concentration on your ten toes bring your attention to each one, massaging it with your awareness, offering it a release of any dis-ease, pain or discomfort. Gift your toes all the time it takes to ensure they feel good, leaving when the area feels fully relaxed and vibrant. Note, if you have spent a long time on this area and the pain is diminishing in some area and not others then make special notice of it and move on (our body pain speaks volumes about our consciousness, I use it to bring macrocosm healing to the seeker). Due to the medicine founded in reflexology, I can tell a lot about a person’s energy by their feet.

The idea is to continue this exercise throughout the whole temple, the body. Most beginners do not make it to their knees or hips before they pass out. This meditation not only focuses all of our bodies (heart, mind, body, spirit and etc.) but also creates a focused portal of self to walk through (as we drift into slumber). This meditation is a deep self-trance initiation and also helps with being the observer. Laying on your back is the best position to take for this journey, as it allows the vital life force to flow freely through the energy lines. Such as the Kundalini, the hara and the core star (keeping the spine straight and supported).

Another fun magickal elemental meditation, is to light a yellow (a color good for mental focus, the intellect and mind) candle and bring all your awareness to the flame. Sound easy? Believe me it takes unwavering focus to block the millions of thoughts one is having for even a full minute, try it.  If your being an observer and not a participant of the mind I think you will find that this exercise is one to be practiced frequently. As our mental powers are really disturbed in this time on Earth. With so much desensitization from violent media, radio, EMF waves, marketing and city dwelling, the brain faculties are over utilized. Most must create the time for strengthening the other parts of self. The flame is a sign of everlasting spirit, deeply reminding the soul of the star self. 

Want to make this elemental practice even more magickal? Add walnut oil to the candle and eat some intentionally blessed walnuts before initiating. This spirit gifts astounding focus to the mind, and offers, complete brain functioning support.

As a final little offering, I would like to suggest that you also spend efforts focusing on the unfocusing of your eyes. Allowing them to completely relax, as a integrative reflection of your precise vision work. 

More to come in this regards.

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