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Burrowing Owls

Feb 272019


Before the month of February comes to a close I am taking the time to honor the owl. For this is the ecstatic month of mating. By far out of all the animals I create with for dreamworks, this totem is the greatest of all masters. Merging, shapeshifting, lucid messaging, magick, hunting and council are the many examples of how this spirit guide has gifted my soul. The teaching of the acuity of predator and prey, specifically through the rabbit and frog, I know the empowered sacred laws of the circle of life. Both creatures also being moon power totems in my lineage.

In Washington state, where my family has island beach property the frogs begin to mate in the same month. The affects it has manifested for the lucid arts is incredibly valuable. So much so that out of the phased calendar of dream time, this last winter month has become the most powerful for me. Winter being the season of dreams. During my normal lucid awakenings I heighten the sound activations for life altering transformation. The owl a benefactor of subtle sounds and the frog audible, is a balanced predator and prey lunar symphony that is unrivaled. I get up and go outside to listen for the owls and frogs, I then take this memory recording and use it as a trance meditation as I drift back to sleep. I do this 2 to 3 times in one night and even digitally record the mating season as a deeper way to honor and to collect dream records.

Locally, the new spa location has the lucid pleasure to witness the burrowing owl. Who nest at the top of our plateaus. Unlike the other 300 species of owls, the burrowing owl is different in many ways. One is that they are diurnal, meaning they are awake during the day and not at night. I dream awake and I am awake while dreaming, sun and moon, male and female is most represented in this species. Based on this unique characteristic. Intentionally, I have selected an image of our New Mexico burrowing owl closing its eyes as it basks in the sun as I feel it deepens the lucid magickal symbolism.

A totem known for wisdom, the mysterious, secrets, magick and dream time, I can attest through lives of lucidity that these age old alignments are an accurate depiction of this most awesome ally.

Jennifer Delker
Lucid Creations Company
Copyright 2019


Photography: New Mexico Burrowing Owl, Roger Hogan, Chama, New Mexico


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