Lucid Creations is a very unique experience. I will be forever grateful for finding my way here. When I started, I was feeling happy enough, or so I thought. However I was tired, grumpy, feeling bogged down in my life, with not a lot of fun. Now, I have an abundance of energy, I am no longer feeling grumpy. I can feel the blissful love running through me. The shift in my well being has been noticeable to the people in my life. Jennifer is a very talented and gifted human being. The amount of knowledge that she shares is amazing. She is the real deal! Sandra Schimmeyer, Age 60, Seattle, WA.

I can't tell you how grateful and honored I am to have met Jennifer. She has helped me when no one else could. I had been on an 8 year quest to find a healer who could explain to me and help me heal some chronic pain in my stomache. The pain was sometimes so bad I had lost my will to live and often felt I was unable to hold a job. Jennifer worked seamlessly and without hesitation towards my successful healing and recovery from this illness. I trust her wisdom and guidance and I suggest you do exactly as she instructs (even if t sounds a little different from what you would expect), for she is a highly skilled and qualified healer. Her experience and commitment to her work, and to the healing and awakening of humanity, is a worthy and great task. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jennifer. I bless you and I love you. -Orchid, OR

A dedicated intuitive dreamer and talented healer. For many years she has been there for my family and I through good and bad. She has given me very accurate advice via dreams, hands on healing and psychic dowsing. I have especially appreciated her support during tragic grief and trauma. I will continue to use her services seeking stability and spiritual alignment. I have enjoyed her sessions of wellness, sound healing, divine dreaming, and energetic cleansing of my pain body. She is extremely gifted and I would trust her to communicate in my best interest with all her spiritual gifts. Summer, WA

A natural intuitive and beautiful soul that draws on the energy of the earth, primarily the plant and mineral kingdom to gather, contain and transmute negative energies that hold us back from living in authenticity. She is clear, concise and nurturing in her approach. Lani, WA

I felt truly blessed to work with Jennifer on healing my body and my spirit. Her knowledge and use of plant and energy medicine left me feeling rejuvenated and glowing from the inside out. She truly connects with one on a physical and metaphysical plane to bring about what your body and soul needs to release itself from the pain of dark forces, while making the person feel pampered and at peace with oneself. Jackie, MN

Only when you truly commit to changing your current path in life can you possess the vulnerability to open your being to help. When life events drove my commitment to change, Jennifer, embraced my journey and provided specialized healings for my body and spirit. As my journey continued, the focus shifted from healing to optimization of life thru the focus on the gifts that we all posses. Kevin, WA

I have never felt so comfortable with anybody so quickly. Jennifer gave my family and I a spiritual cleansing. We all were able to feel such a huge weight lifted off us after the clearing. She was so understanding and nice, we felt so at ease. She also was very informational , giving us ideas and advice as to how we can stay safe, away from bad spirits and negative energy. Skeasha, WA

I didn't know anything about the healing until it started. During the phone session there was a point that I was asked to sit within a plant and crystal body grid. I was so at ease that I fell asleep and then Jennifer called me back just as I had naturally awoken. Since the healing has been done I feel so much better and feel like many of my emotional pains just disappeared. I also became more successful with my jobs and money and found new amazing friends and loves. I really want to continue on this healing and would really recommend it to anyone, as I already have to my closest friends. Uri Budgie Gitano,June 2015

Thank you so much for spending so much time with me before you had to head back home! I have you to thank for my not having anxiety in returning home myself. This is the first time I've come home and not dreaded it, dragging my tail all the way!!! I've had one conversation with my Father so far and may be visiting with him again today. You have given me a renewed perspective on my life and relationship with both my Father and my Sister. I cannot thank you enough for that! Really, I've avoided talking with them for so much of my life and now that feeling is just NOT there. How freeing that is! In fact, I feel very calm, in general and quite grounded. I can't remember a time I've felt so good about my life and self. I still have lots of doubts, tears and have so much to learn, but for once I truly don't feel depressed and devastated, WOW! Loreene, WA

Somewhere between discovering vibrant mushrooms, conversing with like minded women over a burning fire, and watching the raindrops reflect in circle magic across the lake, I realized this was going to be one of the most transformational weekends of my life. Jennifer is so communicative and knowledgeable on mushrooms, spirituality, and the microcosm of the forest. She is so willing to unabashedly share her more than two decades of knowledge about fungi, identification, gathering, community, technology and the environment. Her generosity is reflected in her incredible cooking skills! Even as a total beginner I felt completely welcomed and warranted to ask questions and express myself. I felt warmed by the delicious meals which we made from our daily forages and the great company of like minded people around us. We talked about my own spiritual development and she kindly suggested a few practices I could bring into my home, in addition to some leftover homemade bbq sauce! If you are looking for a knowledgeable, considerate, and compassionate guide to hunt mushrooms with, Jennifer is it! Can't wait for the next hunt!!! Mississippi, WA