Lucidity Is...

Conscious Star Traveling

The average person experiences one third of their lives in a state of sleep. The wise and creative ones devote it and even more to lucid dreaming. As far as we can go back into history we have discovered that there are records of this star consciousness. Otherwise known as the spirit world, as it has always been referred to life beyond the physical body. It is my knowing, and the belief of many ancient cultures, that the spirit leaves this earthly dimension. Astral travel, as it is often referred to, is a practice of leaving our bodies and traveling within the stars, dimensions, planes and realms of this universe.

With new scientific advances in quantum physics, to special cameras that can see the bio-energetic fields of life on earth, or plants showing signs of communication, we are now finding answers to these ancient shamanic mysteries. Proving that our great ancestors left many keys to the long lost secrets of our origins.

If you observe nature in detail ,you will find that Earths creations lead us to discover that we are star born. It has become my professional experience that this wisdom is indeed the truth of the human soul. We are made of stardust. It is my intent to consciously enlighten these multi-dimensional aspects of divine self. By lifting the veils of these long standing cosmic mysteries with the wisdom of sound and light. I take you on the journey of a life time, the discovery of the sacred self.

Through long living multi-cultural healing techniques, I will activate your mind, heart, body and soul. Offering balance to your whole energetic anatomy, you will experience first hand the manifestation of your dream life. By initiating keen awareness through the use of your many senses to the physical, astral, etheric and celestial bodies of the self, it is my gift that you leave this spaceempowered and transformed.

Awake or asleep, it is my devotion that you receive the treasures of lucid dreaming. The ultimate vision quest!