A Gypsy Vardo Caravan


A custom 8' x 18' caboose was custom designed by Lucid Creations Company for use in events. I still have the tipi, so no worries. Both spaces will be open to guests year round now. Except for the tipi which will be down for the winter season. Its location will be closest to the rivers edge.  

The vardo can sleep up to three people, two on the upper bunk and one on the lower. The lower must use a sleeping bag as it does not come with sheets. You will not mind though as it is a good fur lounge area for chilling. The wagon stays warm with radiant heating and a wood stove for coziness. A sink of hot and cold water, fridge, and outdoor private cedar decked curtained shower provide superb amenities for such a small space. It is outfitted with an electric compost toilet for when it is mobile but while staying on the property we ask that you use the spa restroom. There is plenty of storage for personal belongings underneath the bottom bunk. A Coleman gas stove is stored for cooking and there is a slide out wood table for sit down eating. A 4' fold down porch ensures you have plenty of mudroom space and there are places to hang your coats inside. Although this is mostly a light interior as long as you have good mud room manners it really is rather awesome. I homesteaded in it on raw farm land in the pacific NW and it held up like a charm. 

Two years ago this winter solstice I received the delivery of my custom designed 102" x 14' Gypsy vardo wagon tiny house. Intended as a mobile sanctuary for lightworks, the one of a kind sacred space will be serving-up vibrational, multi-cultural energetic offerings. Including organic, high end spa services, for that spiritual minded seeker.

Rolling up to any destination, extended time private house calls, special events, and in city day clinics are all part of the design. With a copper half moon outdoor shower and cedar deck, and a pop-out curtained outdoor lounge, this spa will offer full private amenities. Inside, one may enter into privacy for deep , transformative energetic exchanges,  or choose to gather with others for merriment and the sharing of wisdom. I most generously invite the true seeker, to come and indulge in the divine nourishment of self love, multi-dimensionally.

No expense on this project has been spared, from antique mirror glass, special lighting features, custom drapery, locally designed innovative appliances, to hand crafted cushions, pillows and bedding. The interior will offer a creative amount of storage space, including a two door glass hutch, bench storage, two sliding barn door shelving cases, and a bottom bunk/storage trunk. Organically inspired, and naturally executed in the benefit of Gaia. Using milk paints, mother of pearl tiling, natural stains, wool insulation and the option for solar power, set the tone with lots of character.

Fully imagined in lucidity. Manifested, through the awesome powers of a balanced and activated magickal life. One may find refuge and replenishment within the caravan lounge. It is Jennifer's pleasure, to invite you in, for the core warming of your bones, and inner star by the fireplace. Come find fancy and inspiration amongst the wares. Take a seat to reflect upon your creations and delve deep for the complete replacement of all that is no longer good for you.

Welcome to the sound  sanctuary of Lucid Creations Company.