Freedom is love and love is freedom, anything that violates this divine truth is of the dark.

I recommend viewing this with a programmed crystal grid or with listening to the song Angelic Crystal, posted below.

If you have been in the MILITARY, or have been in war, experience nightmares, a lot of unhappiness in life (anxiety, stress, heavy weight, depression, insomnia), trauma, drama, illness, limited beliefs, fear, addictions (drugs, t.v., food, work,gambling and etc.) or have been abused in anyway (including self abuse, racial degradation, sexually, physically, mentally, or spiritually) your energy needs to be purified and balanced. Due to this recently  being the darkest of ages upon earth (which is now in its infancy of the golden age) about 80% of the people have negative energetic cord attachments (energetic cords maliciously and intentionally placed into your chakra system by entities attempting to deceive you and bring you great harm). Your aura/immunity system is your universal protective shield, made up of light. This shield is under constant attack by entities/demons and their creations such as chemicals (crop spraying, polluted ocean garbage patches, industrial farming), sound wave pollution (EMF's,underwater sonar, radio waves, violent t.v. and gaming), pharmaceutical drugs, and being victimized by people who are affected  by them. Did you know that one million children and women, each year, are kidnapped and put into sexual slavery?  Genocide, chemical warfare, torture, violence, the desecration of our most sacred Earth mother, abandonment, pollution, global warming, starvation, these are all the marks of the darkness that attacks the birth right of creating heaven on Earth. Due to this being so prevalent now-a-days humans are being highly attacked. Having demonic attachments does not indicate the person is doing something wrong, it is out of pure lack of knowledge of the their personal energetic grid. If you are not psychically/energetically protected while talking about demons then whatever may be attached to you will know and will immediately start to secretly build formidable plans to make your healing a very difficult process. The material you are about to see is not graphic or that scary so don't worry, this warning is more about psychic protection, which should be practiced even in meditation.

Lucid's  healing focuses on the education and application  of the energetic anatomy of the  body.  It is comprised of an ascension of your  dimensional selves, the hara line, the core star, the tan tien, the chakra system and its lower and higher levels (more than just the 7 that most people know of), the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual , etheric/subtle, astral, celestial and casual bodies. The more that one becomes activated in quantum and or universal existence the more one needs to know about spiritual safety and psychic protection.

Demons- Work exactly like the military, in rank, and rarely ever show their true selves (except for the lowest of the pack which haven't the skills to disguise).  I rate them on a scale of 1 to 10, with dark energetic bodies (sleep paralysis) as a number one, giant demons being a number 9, and the dark angel a 10.

As a demon makes its way up the evil scale they learn how to shape shift and their deceit becomes even more cunning as they perform sheer invisibility. In the spirit world and on earth through energetic attachments made to look like sickness. Only detectable by the keenest of psychics by ascertaining the victims purity of vibration. This empowered gift is one earned by the ancient masters, specialized in the true angelic works. If someone insists that they do angelic works but know little about the dark arts, please know that they are limited and not true authoritative creators.

Taking on shapes of inanimate objects, babies, women, little children, animals (especially snake, dogs and cats) and even angels so that they appear trusting and or non existence. Demons are most easily identified within the spirit world, astral realms, and dream time spaces. However, once you are conscious of them, one can witness them in the physical (through their presence in people), at toxic disaster chemical sites, prostitution houses, industrial slaughter houses, military bases and places like  mentalhospitals.

Fenghu Gost City China, the path leading to hell.

Once your exposed to one, be assured you have a team of demons behind it. Demons are serious business, and in my opinion, one can not call themselves a true shaman without the ability to detect and dissipate demons. Demons are depicted in the majority of  ancient cultures, and contrary to the beliefs of most Christians, demons are not biased to religion and its parameters. Hindus, the Chinese, Druids, Hebrews ,indigenous tribes and many other cultures accept this knowledge as a part of their ancient philosophy. 

Bali Demon Witch Statue

Demons use magic to create evil and right now they truly believe that they have all the power. They are the nastiest of negative entities that I have ever come across in all of my travels, by far! Enslavement, sexual trafficking, murder, global warming, industrial farming, mass pollution, the ravaging of our most sacred planet,and the most despicable criminal acts are the marks of their presence. Through their energetic attachments to humans, they create their havoc out of ignorance and disbelief of our own  true God powers.

Narashima Bronze Sculpture

Sleep Paralysis

Le cauchema, Eugène Thivier

"Being Ridden By The Witch"

As a dream sound maestro, it is of importance for me to share with you, that SLEEP PARALYSIS is one of the first dream signs (nightmares being the most common) of being psychically, emotionally, physically and spiritually interfered with, by an astral entity/parasite, energetic vampire and or a shape-shifting demonic spirit. This experience is a sign that your energy and home needs to be energetically purified. Smudging will remove negative energy temporarily, acting as an irritant, however, it does not neutralize energetic cords or eliminate demonic portals made within the home and body temple. Our house represents one aspect of the physical manifestation of our consciousness, as such, it will need to be cleared, in addition to the body. Everyone in the home must be cleansed or a clearing will not actually be able to take root.

Sleep paralysis is a vibrational low level, bottom feeder, rating a one on the danger scale of a 10. The attack, is the practice of the stealing of your mana, chi, qi and prana. Through the victimization of you, it brings wounding (universal consciousness as well), within the chakra system, hara line and core store. Creating sickness, chaos and misery in our lives. It's physical presence can be detected by sound vibrations and dark spots within your energy field, which eventually causes health dysfunctions.

We are multi dimensional/quantum beings, when we begin to star travel, our consciousness leaves the physical body, taking us to other dimensions, realms and planes. Universal places where the laws and rules that govern such spaces are different from the Earth . This leaves your Earth body vulnerable and for the unaware person, who does not know how to properly use their energetic anatomy, a victim to lower energies. If you have ever experienced sleep paralysis, please know that it is your third eye opening up, and becoming aware of the dark forces that play a role within your life. The parts of consciousness that drain your loving and living vitality.

It has been my souls work and this lifetimes incarnation, to announce, that it does not matter what religion, faith or culture you come from. That contrary to the beliefs of Christians, the severely victimized parts of universal consciousness attack everyone. Furthermore, your gender, sexual orientation and your beliefs in love have nothing to do with it at all. My research proves that about 80% of everyone I come into contact with has some time of wounding that has gone unaddressed, even healers. Infact, the more you open up to the vibrational wisdom of love, the more you become a target, the more you must learn to protect yourself, as you become an authority and a threat to those who seek to destroy.

You are a god, and until you are able to understand and exercise what it means to be DIVINE, on a multidimensional, elemental level, willfully in consiciousness (such as lucid dreaming), your authority and power will be challenged. It is our birthright to access, in freedom and love, all the gifts of heaven, with the godly wielding of self, founded in the ancient art of lucid dreaming. If you are giving up your power by allowing self destructive behaviors, such as the addiction to smoking and etc., it's time to call out your demons and take your right to a  happy life back. Are you or have you ever experienced SLEEP PARALYSIS?


La pesadilla, Johann Heinrich Füssli. (Note: Fussli made multiple versions of the same painting.)

When one becomes excellent in the ability to dream travel, you will know that it is not our inability to walk around in this dimension and or state of being, it is the entity that is preventing you from moving. Many people are able to move around when their mind is awake and their bodies asleep, in what I call the in-between dimension, which is the closest space to Earth. In this domain, one can face and clear entities, come into contact with fairies and even leave the window , which becomes a dream space portal.

Quantum physics proves that the moment you have a thought, that it becomes real, your thought leaves the brain as a chemical substance, and emits throughout your entire body, which is then projected outside into the universal field of reality.

Negative energy, whether it happens day or night, is proven to affect your conscious reality and overall health, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  It is my knowing that the ancient folklore around this dark subject is true. Energy can never be destroyed, only transformed, these evil spirits subsist on your fear and life force energy.

I do not watch horror, so I have not seen this film. It is here not as an offering or recommendation but more as a testimony to the darkness of this old subject. 

Pharmaceutical drugs are a deceptive weapon of dark energy, designed to destroy the light body, and or auric field. This mass poisoning is based in the ultimate lie, claiming that these chemicals are the way to healing. What ends up happening to the body temple is far from that reality.  Taking pharmaceuticals puts life at great risk, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and yes, spiritually.

The pharmaceutical industry is in the business of keeping people sick. The amount of children currently recommended to take pharmaceuticals drugs has recently raised, by  500%.

Wrathe - Demon as well, only what makes this demon different is the specific pain resonance it embodies.

Darklies - Are very dark human beings that are skilled in astral travel.  Their fear mongering energy can always be felt the moment they come within a couple hundred feet.  They are attracted to others with very bright auras and come with the full intention of taking one out.  They sometimes have animals that are under enslavement and evil control.  They are identifiable by their dark cloaks and completely dark faces in the spirit world, a reflection of what they have become. They too use flight as a preferred choice of transportation. 

Vampires - Hang out in groups, it is a very rare occasion to see one alone.  They are exactly as they are depicted in story books and ancient lore.  They have huge egos and will make themselves very beautiful only detectable by their vanity and dark vibration. Most of them collaborate with demons  and shapeshift. They too use magic and actively create tools of evil (possessed by mankind) such as cursed crosses, cursed stones and relics.  They compete with each other for power based on their evils. Nightmares are where they do their biddings.

Katherine Baumgertner

Storm Thrashers - Dark weather spirits that rip through nature cursing the land and tearing up sacred areas. They will come in on dark clouds and tumultuous winds, shapeshifting from weather giants to resembling a human.  Hurricane Katrina, the disaster in Haiti , to many untold remote interfernces can be attributed them.

Air Colossus by ZSoltKosa

Batman Forever Two Face Thugs

Henchmen - Are spirits that are desperate to get paid and live in the shroud of darkness.  They view violence as the only route, due to being victimized.  They are the precursors to demons.  Henchmen are not smart, they can not see past shape shifters and they are for hire.  Although rare, dwarfs and giants will get caught up into this role.  Otherwise, most wear evil masks, wear robbery style clothes and carry weapons such as guns, knives, bombs and the like. 

Wicked Witches - Some look just like they do on cartoons, all dressed in black dawning green faces. Witchesfly upon you with power balls as their weapons of choice and work together to create curses against those they are threatened by, namely light healers.  The trick is to figure out if its actually a witch or a demon posing as a witch. If it were a demon then I would take the proper precautions when being forced into its presence, the level of skill and exposure to evil is much higher than dealing with a wicked witch or even a  group of witches. Even if it is not a demon, you can be sure that they are around this type of spirit and can be summoned, if need be.

Voo Doo witches are also part of this group, and any person claiming to work with djinns.  Be AWARE!

Sherbakov Stanislav

Seattle Bridge Troll

Trolls - I have not witnessed very many true trolls, perhaps only a few times in my travels.  More importantly though is that I find a lot of demons could be mistaken for one so be highly aware as demons are serious business.

Goblins- are just another branch of demonology, demons that like to pose and or show themselves as such, shape-shifters. These goblins are not to be confused with the ones culturally associated with brownies, sprites or other-wise little people. Which is what the good ones are, little Earth peoples (this is how Lucid categorizes it).

A goblin is a legendary evil or mischievous grotesque dwarf-like daemon or monster that appeared in European stories and accounts during the Middle Ages. They are ascribed various (sometimes conflicting) abilities, temperaments and appearances depending on the story and country of origin. In some cases, goblins are little creatures related to the brownie and gnome. They are usually small, sometimes only a few inches tall, sometimes the size of a dwarf, and have magical abilities; they are greedy, especially for gold and jewelry.

Goblin Market Christina Rossetti