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Deep within the universe, where stars are born, you can find star people.  They are a rare site indeed!  Do you remember the movie,  The Never Ending Story?  The telescope that Atreyu uses to gaze upon his first test is a good starting point for you to imagine  that of a star persons scope.  Star people look like humans, and have very special families bonds, as they know how rare their existence is. They create highly conscious,complex ideas and feelings into single words, and use telescopes to transport them into the cosmos, for all universal life to receive.  This is done with the intention of rapidly accelerating loving consciousness for pleasure.  Have you met a star person (not to be mistaken for an ascended master)?  I want to know!  This subject is special and rare, I truly look forward to the discovery of their treasures.   Not much is out there about them so I am most interested in compiling any data that I can. 

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