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"I live, acting out my bliss. Making shiny love with nature, returning paradises kiss."

The Enchanted Ones - This a group of spirits that consists of : the faries, elves, gnomes, unicorns, leprechauns, mermaids, sirens, pegasus's, centaurs, wizards/witches, and many other winged creatures such as dragons. Yes, I have seen and do create with all of these creatures. They are my kin, whom make magick and enchantment the most desired.

The Wise Ones - Are comprised of the trees, flowers, plants, mushrooms, mountain spirits, mustika pearls and the living crystals. The protectors, the guides, the  teachers, the most generous wise ones, indeed. Praises upon praises! 

Nature Spirits - Include Devic, elemental, shamans and the animal kingdom. The beholders of awesome transformative powers. 

Chiefs, Monks,  Priests and Priestesses- The ones who know the truth and choose to live completely dedicated to the practice, ritual, ceremony and record keeping of all this sacred earthly wisdom. 

Super Humans - A class of human beings from another planet that use a much larger portion  of their  brain.  This race is super intelligent and exemplify what the people of Earth will become through evolution of loving consciousness.  They visit Earth through telepathy and dream works.


Little People - Are not all created equal! There are a half dozen different species that I know well and consider intricate parts of my consciousness. I can only imagine that there are many more that I have not had the privilege of meeting. They love antique furniture, special spaces in houses, and bring another dimension of charm to life at home.


From Quan Yin, Shiva, Kali and even women like Helen and mother Mary, many have I beheld.  Entrained in love, attracted in resonation, creative for the sake of increasing the quality of life on Earth .  The ascended masters regularly commune with those who they align with, our vibration is the key.  Focus and you shall hear the voices of many light beings.

Remember to always use psychic protection in all of your meetings. People who are new to the boundaries of energy work, and the wisdom of the ascension process ( in many cultural ways), especially.  One should be aware of the shapeshifting capabilities of negative entities. Always use precaution when ascertaining a new spiritual contact.


Gods and Goddesses- This section is wide ranging and multicultural, there's actually so many that published encyclopedia's range from 500 to 1000 pages.  Everyday and night through some new experience I receive new affirmations of these spirits. Poseidon, Artemis , Aphrodite, the enchanted mother Gaia are just a few that I see most frequently.

The Counselors - There are counselors for everything in the spirit world. Love, parenting, careers, and friendships are all important matters in the spirit world. Rest assured that for all great matters there are skillful counselors who take an active part in your life. They make it their business to enter your life when you need it most. They work closely with our guides, angels and make room for each and every one of us when the time calls for it. 

 If your heart feels strongly about a particular issue they are there to help you work through it in a very knowledgeable way.  They always show themselves as other humans in the dream state and go the extra mlle to hide from you that they are spiritual counselors.  They want us to learn things as much as we can on our own so they leave a bit of mystery  in hopes that it won't interfere too much with our own efforts of spiritual understanding. 

This is grandmother spider, weaver of fates and life stories. 


The Angels - Are truly in a class of their own. They are channeled through heart song and only from the highest of vibrations. Angels are always vibrating at an exalted level in the celestial heavens, they do not lower their vibrations to entirely be with us on the physical plane. In other words they do not openly roam everywhere with humans. Its why they are in heaven and we are on Earth, we still have a lot to learn to raise our consciousness. Its why being in loving presence is so precious and highly treasured. On this planet, in this time and dimension, the peoples vibrations are at the lowest they have ever been. That's right, we are currently just coming out of the darkest of ages. Several years ago, according to the Hindu wheel of time, we started the infancy of the golden age.

Angels visit as needed and look down from their realm but they do not follow you around during the day (unless one is acting as a personal guide, which is a lot more rare than others might have you think). Angels are comfortable knowing that if you really need them all you have to do is pray/sing and ask. The only exception to this are Earth angels who are purposely incarnated so that they may easily do their high works in a physical manner. In  a way that other celestial angels do not. These angels are able to travel through all the realms, some shamans are also earth angels. People should be excited about all the unlimited love and generosity that the angels bring, so create sacred time and ask. If your like me your requests will not only be about you but what is it that you can best give to bring light to this darkest of days. Giving a gift is as nourishing as receiving a gift.

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