Initiated by spirit and not a practitioner, you will find that my medicine is raw, wild and true.

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Lucid Creations recommends purchasing a 35 minute consultation if you are considering one of the larger services, this fee will be deducted from any such order (schedule on full slate calendar listed below, $35) . Due to the fact that the work we do is so powerful and personally transformative, its wise to get a feel for resonance between each other (we go deep to say the least). Light workers, psychics, or otherwise healers are not all created equal. We experience things individually , are skilled in different modalities, and project ourselves in distinct ways. That being said, I am initiated by spirit and do not consider myself a practitioner, meaning I was born with my talents. This means everything to me, as although I do support people becoming empowered within their own gifts, I do not advocate the sacred blessing of being a shaman as easy as purchasing classes or having drug induced visions. Technically speaking, a shaman is someone who can go into theta brainwaves at will, day and or at night. Being a shaman is a succession of many lifetimes of initiatory personal experiences that are bestowed to the chosen by the teachings of spirits, and cannot be replicated by man. The spirits choose us and steward us based on initiation, intentions, and true loving resonance. As a natural consequence of my lucid dream discoveries, I have advanced and applied my knowledge through continued education in the ancient arts and philosophies. Please see the about page for academics. Over the years, I have built manymeaningful relationships within my field of studies and devotion.

As you evaluate your choice in finding the support you need,  I would like you to know just a few ways that make me unique as a healer.  First of all, there is not one night that goes by that I do not intentionally create with lucid dreaming (out of 12 hours of sleep I am lucid about 6, and always remember the majority of all my star travels).  I have four planets in the sign of Scorpio, including the moon and sun, and five planets  in Libra. My personal style is direct, vividly revealing and vibrantly charged. I am a natural born problem solver, with the innate aptitude and intensity, to go deep for diagnoses of the root issue, for long lasting healing, real transformation and manifestation.  My power numbers are 1, 2, 8,  and 11.   I have ancient past life roots in Assyria, Africa , Persia, India, Tibet, China, Greece  and with  countless indigenous and native tribes such as the Toltec's. More importantly though, is that I consider myself a universal star wizard. I exist in and travers dimensions and realms that arecompletely out of this world.   I currently practice purification (the removal of negative entities) on a daily basis and maintain a healthy balance.I will not do services when I am out of balance (which happens time to time from spiritual attacks, personal emergencies and life in general).  Being born under the new moon in the sign of Scorpio, a master of death and rebirth, is a mark of my abilities as a shifter of energy (the phoenix rising, 0 and 1 (1-9), waning moon and new moon). This is otherwise known as spiritual alchemy, the transformation of energy (a measurable, phased, vibrational pattern, that leads to death and rebirth, made up of light, numerology and sound) .  

Where I shine the brightest, is in the art of lucid dreaming, plant medicine, crystal wisdom, shapeshifting, dowsing, detoxification, and the deep traversing and transformation of the pain body (entities). At the core of it all, is the sacred art of sound.

Every one changes but how gracefully, dynamically, timely and effortlessly depends on your perception, experience and willingness to receive. All life needs help and support to obtain balance (ESPECIALLY HEALERS), we are all on a continuous path of limitless growth. It is truly my desire to use my blessings, to accurately propel you into your highest self, at the most divine pace, so that we can all consciously come together in celebration of our embodied empowerments. May there be peace, love and happiness upon EARTH!

Bridging physics with spirit, I personally ensure all of my healing works with the support of scientifically advanced technology, the bio-well camera.  Developed by Dr. Koroktov, a quantum physicist from Russia. This energetic  equipment is utilized on the daily, internationally, by thousands of specialty doctors, for pre medical analysis.  The most advanced photography, founded in kirlian photography and electro-phototonics.  Currently, Lucid is under going a two year research study for the publication of the efficacy of the energetic healing arts.

The dream boutique healing focuses on the education and application  of the energetic anatomy of the  body.  It is comprised of an ascension of your  dimensional selves. The hara line, the core star, the tan tien, the chakra system and its lower  and higher levels, the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual , etheric/subtle, astral, celestial and casual bodies. 

Lucid initiates healing and transformation with sound and light.

My powerful applications of medicines are fundamentally gentle and are founded in ancient arts such as vibrational resonance healing, organic nutrition, reflexology, detoxification,shamanism, alchemy, ayurvedics, Chinese medicine and  quantum physics.

Contrary to dream books, I practice and teach dream divinations based on perceptions and not generalizations of symbology.

I do accept barters that are beneficial for my family and community. This option is subjected to my discretion, I appreciate your understanding and respect for my decisions in the acceptance of such an offer.

Community Service is offered for those who are impoverished and need that extra assistance. It is a privilege and a gift to help others and I mean to be as generous as I can. Please inquire and I will do my best to help you out.


Lucid  plays the didgeridoo, jaw harp, harmonica, 10 string lyre, native flutes, conk, crystal bowls,djembe African drum, rattles, bells, signing bowls and Mongolian throat chants.

Over A 300 Count  Tuning Fork Selection

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Address:  Taos, NM 87571