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Beloved Sacred Art and Music Festival 2017 - Oregon Coast, Tidewater


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January - February 2018, Arizona

Oregon Old Growth Forest, Puget Sound Mycological Society

Annual Gathering - October 2017

An oasis between Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico

Colorado State

Orcas Island is near the Canadian border and requires an hour ferry ride. It is considered a "San Juan" island.


Beloved 2016, Oregon Coast

Lucid, set-up in Beloveds sanctuary bowl, with prime views of all the wild magic and the main stage. Heaven on Earth foot baths, full clay body masks, chakra plant body grids and a whole chest of offerings, made my Beloved, enchanted with support and abundance. I am honored and privileged to have blessed so many to tears. The many compliments and admiration of Lucid's space amongst such beauty, was a token of reward for all the efforts. All the talented people, truly a gift to deepen our bonds, soar to new heights and remember our DIVINITY. I even met a soul from past lives, feeling his presence before I even laid eyes on him, what a treasure. Big gratitude, to all of you who took the time to offer your services to Lucid, many hands made my experience balanced, especially the massages of 10 palms, wow!

Mushroom Magi - Spring 2016, Washington Chelan County



Death and Rebirth - A Journey of Lovers - BC Canada

Lucid's Garden Party - The Vernal Equinox - Vashon Island, Washington




Oregon Coast 2017


Carnevale 2017 - The birth place of masquerade.


Hornings Hideout 2016, Oregon

The costumes at this whimsical gathering are definitely worth your attendance. The stage is set against a water view backdrop and the grounds are blessed with flocks of peacocks. From magickal ceremony, enchanted music, to a large assortment of creative vendors, your days will be fully gifted with wonders. The family scene is big here, the kids have so much fun, they won't want to go to bed.

Anderson Island, Washington

It's how its done!

Traveling to the womb of the Puget Sound, in the sign of Scorpio, which rules the sacral chakra, I walked the beach, in pleasure , as I feasted upon the rainbow offerings of the mushroom. My desires of grounding, before winters death call, has left me preserved, for a long journey of deep inward exploration.

Chanterelle and Tarragon, white wine and King Boletes, we departed, chugging the nectars of apple. Queens Ambrosia Wine (which offers 188 fungi medicines and 28 beneficial bacteria's) , the sacred Chaga, from Alaska, and my vegan fare, made this wild adventure, noteworthy.

It's birthday week for me, and the rainbow of forest fauna, seems most fitting, indeed! I give gratitude to the 6, who proved, that the rugged coastal NW, is quite the treat, witnessing its many layers of calibration.

Tucson Gem Show 2016, Arizona

 Tucson Gem Show 2015, Arizona








Brietenbusch Mushroom Gathering - An 8 Year Tradition

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Address: Vashon, WA 98070