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According to Hans Cousto, the tones of the seven charkas are:

Root Chakra - 194.18 Hz = G; dynamic, vitalizing2.
Navel Chakra - 210.42 Hz = G#; supports erotic communication3.
Solar Plexus Chakra - 126.22 Hz = B; multidimensional, transcendental4.
Heart Chakra - 136.10 Hz = C#; relaxing, soothing, balancing5.
Throat Chakra - 141.27 Hz = C#; supports intelligent communication6.
Brow Chakra - 221.23 Hz = A; balance between intellect and intuition7.
Crown Chakra - 172.06 Hz = F; supports cosmic unity and clarity of spirit

There are however other tones offered as well for the seven chakras. Such as the bijas mantras. Which areas follows:

Chakra Bija Mantra Note

Root Lam C
Sacral Vam D
Solar Ram E
Heart Yam F
Throat Ham G
Third Eye Ohm A
Crown Ng B

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