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Lucid has begun the work order today with the contractor, its official, one custom gypsy cart headed my royal way! To be experienced at a special event near you as soon as this summer, 2016. Featuring Lucid's conscious spa, GDV quantum visual camera, products and wares, educational courses, "Gaia Time" and the magical traveling gem elixir bar!

Stay tuned for upcoming photos, it should be a fun story to follow. Weekly day openings in the Washington and Oregon area. To be announced on the Gypsy Cart Calendar, this summer.

Lucid would LOVE to see you in your neck of the woods, are you planning to attend an activated gathering, ones of magical pursuits, this year? Are you desiring an excuse to visit the lush forests of the Pacific NW? Is there an event that is epic on all scales, where true wizards still exist, that I would be most gifted to know about? Please do divulge the goods, otherwise make sure to enjoy this sweet sanctuary when traveling these abundant coastal grounds.


Behind the girl is a copper pop out, curtained lounge for outdoor spa treatments. This will also serve as weather protection, when accessing the bottom bunk. It will have 3 walls of curtains that hang to the ground, with the option of opening or closing.

The tongue of the trailer features an outdoor, private spa shower, with custom drapery. The front will have lighting sconces, that are not shown on this rendering. The front deck folds up for safe and convenient road travel.


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Phone: 206-660-4168

Location: Vashon, WA 98070

Email: lucid @