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Please note that this map will get you to Pilar only. Our riverfront village is so small that it is still really considered a part of Taos, even though it is 12 minutes south towards Santa Fe.  To that end, most maps are unable to pinpoint our exact address. Which is conveniently located right off hwy. 68 and is nestled outside of BLM land and Carson National Forest. 

There are plenty of water-front BLM paid camping sites right down the road from the spa (hwy. 570). These sites are first come, first serve and are open year round. Our canyon is one of the only water level large groups recreation sites for the majestic Rio Grande in northern New Mexico. Here you can collect fresh spring water for drinking, fish for trout, and navigate gentle and up to level 5 river rapids.

Directions:  If you are heading north then take a left into Pilar towards the river, if heading south it will be a right. Go about 1/4 mile down the main road, you will pass a tepee on the left hand side, immediately after on the right you will see Dolores Road. The multi building location is a corner property across the street from the river. You will need to drive up Dolores to the first gate.  Which is 5 and 5 1/2 Dolores Rd., Pilar

Welcome to one of the most historical locations in New Mexico. The Pilar Plaza is arguably the first Spanish settlement and is estimated to be between 300-500 years old. Our stretch of the river is where many Pueblo and Spanish wars were fought. Out of the original 5000 native tribes, the Pueblos are the only ones that still retain their original lands.

5 1/2 Dolores Rd., Pilar, NM 87571

Pilar, New Mexico 87571

Phone: 206-660-4168     Mailing Address: 4 Sanfrancisco Rd. #1380, Ranchos De Taos, NM 87557    Physical Address: 5 1/2 Dolores Rd., Pilar, Nm 87571