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Artist,Mara Berendt



Being a lucid artisan, I can tell you that I have a solid and vivid short and long term memory. After all, remembering is a foundational skill to becoming an active and willful star traveler.  As such, I can assure you that I have thousands of dream stories, dream initiations, keys and offerings. Due to education protection, and the natural order of how my gifts are playing out in my personal and professional life, I will be adding on to this free page as the progression allows me to. Pleasurable writing is best done in individual living alignment. During an opportune celestial conjunction, such as the sun and or moon entering into an air sign. Currently, I lucid dream, every night of my life. Averaging about 6 out of 12 hours of sleep in lucidity, with the rest of the time dreaming being wholly remembered.  The offerings on this blog are in no way a substitute for professional training and education, only tips for the seeker. If you are serious about having lucid experiences, that shapeshift your life,  I recommend signing up for one of Lucid's events, workshops or courses.

Since creating this quick access page, Lucid Creations has added an article page. Where one may find wisdom on all sorts of conscious living subjects including the ancient art of dreaming.


Lucid Dreaming


Sacred Dream Keys

The keys are considered foundational, as a mastered, daily and nightly practice, for the consistent, willful ability to lucid dream.  Notice, that the first offering is the same in both categories, sacred dream keys and dream initiations.  A healthy balance in sleep, is absolutely the base starting point, and definitely a ritual of invocative, initiatory action.  

Dream Initiations


Dream Portals


Lucid Dream Stories




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