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American BullFrog - A Pisces Dream Guide Token

Mar 172019



Lithobate/Rana Catesbeianus the American Bullfrog, Arizona USA. Photographer - Ingrid Curry

Offering up a green lucid dream token for St. Pattys Day. Kiss me I’m Irish, family name is Egan! The American Bullfrog is the largest species in North America and one of the largest in the world. In the southwest and in my front yard it’s a fun day sport to catch this familiar while playing on the Rio Grande River. Amphibians are governed by the zodiac Pisces, the current sun phase. A dream guide power totem of mine, the frog is a gift of pristine and fertile sound. A rhythm that has produced many transformational moments in my journey. From night to day, I come across and play with frogs as a way to honor the powers of sounds creative forces in lucid living. Sound healing, moon worship, emotional dream body, purity rites, the fae, water spells and metamorphosis/shapeshifting are all gifts of this guide.

Last year while kayaking I had the gift to hug up on the biggest one of my life. Measuring at least 10” in diameter around the belly, it was caught amongst the river weed grasses. The sunset experience was one of those fairtytale moments when cameras would have ruined the exchange. They are very hard to catch and this one was a biggy. The Rana Catesbeianus can weigh up to 1.5 lbs. with the females being larger than the males. I felt so lucky to hold such a creature during dusk, the thinning of the veil and the tweener time.

This species of frog hunts at night and will even eat other bullfrogs. They begin to mate in my local area starting in February and ending in October. In the spring time, I have the magickal experience of attracting all the babies up into the front yard of the spa. I love them up and invite them to stay to create their mysteries in my life. I put out water dishes for them to soak in. Last year I had as many as 5 who stuck around long enough to really enjoy before heading back to the river.


Creating Magickal Sounds,

Jennifer Delker

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