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Cancer New Moon - July 2nd 2019

Jul 072019


I adore the sign of Cancer. Ruler of the bosom (which is in alignment with the heart chakra), the womb (sacral chakra), parts of the digestive track (Solar Plexus) and supported by the element of water. This intuitive zodiac is about the embodiment of nourishment and purity. Most fundamentally the nutriment of ourselves. How can we sustain and raise the vibration of someone else when we are in personal need of subsistence? This kind of emotional meal is that of the poor. Feasts however, are funded by the rich, rich in self-love that is.

A cup that flows over, a fountain of youth, is one of the secrets of blissful creation. The ability and awareness of the heavenly gift to endlessly and clearly provide emotional love that reflects our DIVINITY, life after life, and to share the run-off of this elixir with those who have not. In initiating this wisdom we become our own mother and that of others. Beholding the blessing of the life-giving waters and "holy" milk. Did you know that a mother’s milk is unique to her baby, producing in her bosom exactly what her baby is lacking? Because of this phenomenon no doctor can tell you everything that is in breast milk.

No one knows the self, better than the self, it’s time to nourish YOU, in a way that only you can devise, your mana will be individualized. Protect your potential to honor your needs above others, this kind of investment is where true wealth springs from. It is our birthright to perceive and create love, in any shape or form, that allows us to feel FREE, in expressing our godly powers of unlimited and personalized love.

The celestial energy that is waving to the forefront, is motioning us to be vulnerable, as to surpass our hard shells of self-defense that are based in judgement. This polluted food is grown and harvested by our wounding and limited beliefs, in the conscious understanding, of the power embedded within our emotions.

Many scientific studies have proven, that a high percentage of the people make the most of their decisions based within their emotions. Yet, many still suffer from not living up to the needs of their hearts. Stuck in careers that they despise, or in relationships that do not fulfill their desires, and spiritual practices that leave them in fear of the loss of love in order to gain love. The latter being one of the longest standing patterns, that have formed many hardened hearts and deceptions, about the liberation and truth of unconditional, abundant and unlimited love. A feeling born from within and not something separate and or “higher” from us. At the core of creation, we are everything that our hearts have ever yearned for, and until we embody this divine truth, suffering becomes the consequence.

Chakra - Heart, Solar Plexus and Sacral

Color - Green, Yellow and Orange

Plant - Sweet Pea, Cabbage and Lettuce

Tree - Eucalyptus, Peach, Lemon and Willow

Animals - Crustaceans (crab), Mollusks (clam) and the Dove.

Oils - Rose, Jasmine, Lemon, Gardenia, Eucalyptus, Bergamot, Ylang-Ylang, Carnation, Sandalwood.

Crystals - Pearl, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Silver, Ruby, and Carnelian.

Mantra - I clearly create the nourishment I need, to embody the feelings of bliss.




Yours Truly,

Jennifer Delker

Lucid Creations Company, Copyright July 2th 2019

Photo: A large bed of giant clams at Orpheus Island, Australia.






The clam is a sign of purity/clarity within our psychic creations. This shell creature is responsible for filtering our water from phytoplankton eating algae, clearer water provides for deeper sunlight penetration which promotes crucial and beneficial aquatic vegetation. In addition the clam is a carbon-fixer, reducing carbon dioxide in the water, incorporating it into their shells as they grow. The clam allows us to receive our divine creations from the dream time in clarity, so that its manifestation in our earthly life will be powerfully visible in a diverse, vibrant, and beneficial way. Filtering out our subconscious of the "haze", the inability to clearly create within the dream time and when traversing our intuition. By capturing the carbon within the garden of the waters, they teach us how to receive emotional excesses, that are formed within our "earthly" community living, that would normally tip the scale of balance into harm, and use them for ones own growth. - Lucid Creations Company



Scorpio Full Moon Forecast - May 18th 2019

May 142019


A Scorpio full moon water, flower and crystal mandala I wielded. Featuring chrysathemums, chrysocolla, rose and orange topaz.


This water zodiac is an intensifying option for deep ritual and alchemical dreamworks. Elemental transformational magick that enchants through the applications of fluids. Water is a gateway to the astral, emotional bodies and in harmonic alignment with moonphase medicine. When one activates water with the intention to access the dreamtime, it is creating a powerful anointment. One that can be applied throughout the night as a third eye and pineal gland activator, bathed in or ingested as a solution and invocation of lucid devotion. Drinking liquids at night not only helps one to wake up naturally many times while dreaming, which increases chances for lucidity, but in addition is a empowered way to request spirit guide support. Adding a spagyric tincture of rose, a steeping of white willow tea, or even a couple drops of lavender essential oil to your water at bedtime is something I recommend. Our bodies are much more sensitive at night to the subtle energies of nature and self. Nighttime dream ritual is the most successful way to gain the awesome opportunity to experience the spirits in a whole new reality. The important part is that when you choose your dream guides that you bless them up and ask for their blessings in return.

Being that I have 4 planets in Scorpio, including moon and sun, I rather love this time of year. Its energies highlighted by its opposing zodiac Taurus, the current sun sign is always one of my favorite sun and moon conjunctions. Scorpio rules the hips, the sexual organs and rectum, placing it within the root chakra. One of the two major plexuses that all prana, manna, chi, qi and or the kundalini energy is fed from. Our vitality is partly drawn up from the mother earth, through the chakras and into the corestar, the very center of soul. Our body is a microcosm of the macrocosm. The hips represent the fulfillment of one’s relationships, including sexual. Scorpio is a powerful phase to assess the balance of the receiving and giving of emotional stability in our most intimate relationships. Problems with the hips may reflect challenges with moving forward in our lives in this regards. The condition of one’s hips can say a lot about ones sense of sexual power. An ecstatic state of godly creation. Scorpio invites us to allow the exploration of orgasmic formations to empower the soul for transformation. Find what feels the most pleasurable, emotionally and sexually. Let this be your constant vibe to experience healthy and blissful relations. Including the fulfillment of your dream lover. Stretching the hips and opening the pelvic floor will assist one in any new changes of this kind. Being in a partnership takes active participation.

Commitment, seperation, emotional boundaries, pregnancy, birth, death and level of personal pleasure in life are all worthy subjects that will come to the forefront under this zodiac influence. Expect to face emotional fears and the uncovering of hidden secrets as a way to cross boundaries for an upgrade with your besties in life.

Living my dreams,

Jennifer Delker
Lucid Creations Company
Copyright May 2019


American BullFrog - A Pisces Dream Guide Token

Mar 172019



Lithobate/Rana Catesbeianus the American Bullfrog, Arizona USA. Photographer - Ingrid Curry

Offering up a green lucid dream token for St. Pattys Day. Kiss me I’m Irish, family name is Egan! The American Bullfrog is the largest species in North America and one of the largest in the world. In the southwest and in my front yard it’s a fun day sport to catch this familiar while playing on the Rio Grande River. Amphibians are governed by the zodiac Pisces, the current sun phase. A dream guide power totem of mine, the frog is a gift of pristine and fertile sound. A rhythm that has produced many transformational moments in my journey. From night to day, I come across and play with frogs as a way to honor the powers of sounds creative forces in lucid living. Sound healing, moon worship, emotional dream body, purity rites, the fae, water spells and metamorphosis/shapeshifting are all gifts of this guide.

Last year while kayaking I had the gift to hug up on the biggest one of my life. Measuring at least 10” in diameter around the belly, it was caught amongst the river weed grasses. The sunset experience was one of those fairtytale moments when cameras would have ruined the exchange. They are very hard to catch and this one was a biggy. The Rana Catesbeianus can weigh up to 1.5 lbs. with the females being larger than the males. I felt so lucky to hold such a creature during dusk, the thinning of the veil and the tweener time.

This species of frog hunts at night and will even eat other bullfrogs. They begin to mate in my local area starting in February and ending in October. In the spring time, I have the magickal experience of attracting all the babies up into the front yard of the spa. I love them up and invite them to stay to create their mysteries in my life. I put out water dishes for them to soak in. Last year I had as many as 5 who stuck around long enough to really enjoy before heading back to the river.


Creating Magickal Sounds,

Jennifer Delker

Lucid Creations Company

Copyright March 2019

Burrowing Owls

Feb 272019


Before the month of February comes to a close I am taking the time to honor the owl. For this is the ecstatic month of mating. By far out of all the animals I create with for dreamworks, this totem is the greatest of all masters. Merging, shapeshifting, lucid messaging, magick, hunting and council are the many examples of how this spirit guide has gifted my soul. The teaching of the acuity of predator and prey, specifically through the rabbit and frog, I know the empowered sacred laws of the circle of life. Both creatures also being moon power totems in my lineage.

In Washington state, where my family has island beach property the frogs begin to mate in the same month. The affects it has manifested for the lucid arts is incredibly valuable. So much so that out of the phased calendar of dream time, this last winter month has become the most powerful for me. Winter being the season of dreams. During my normal lucid awakenings I heighten the sound activations for life altering transformation. The owl a benefactor of subtle sounds and the frog audible, is a balanced predator and prey lunar symphony that is unrivaled. I get up and go outside to listen for the owls and frogs, I then take this memory recording and use it as a trance meditation as I drift back to sleep. I do this 2 to 3 times in one night and even digitally record the mating season as a deeper way to honor and to collect dream records.

Locally, the new spa location has the lucid pleasure to witness the burrowing owl. Who nest at the top of our plateaus. Unlike the other 300 species of owls, the burrowing owl is different in many ways. One is that they are diurnal, meaning they are awake during the day and not at night. I dream awake and I am awake while dreaming, sun and moon, male and female is most represented in this species. Based on this unique characteristic. Intentionally, I have selected an image of our New Mexico burrowing owl closing its eyes as it basks in the sun as I feel it deepens the lucid magickal symbolism.

A totem known for wisdom, the mysterious, secrets, magick and dream time, I can attest through lives of lucidity that these age old alignments are an accurate depiction of this most awesome ally.

Jennifer Delker
Lucid Creations Company
Copyright 2019


Photography: New Mexico Burrowing Owl, Roger Hogan, Chama, New Mexico


Dream Initiation Six - Adventure

Jan 232019



Location: Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic - Medicine Water Town

If you want to travel the universe, you will need to have keys to the Earth. Enchanted dimensions and portals exist everywhere. I create lucid spells of traversing for star travelors and discover the creations of others as well. Adventure allows us to awaken new energy that can only be found in its unique layout. Buildings, nature scenes, caves and the like, provide unique vibrational make ups that have multi dimensional uses. 

On December 11th, I initiated a 12 nation trip with the intentions to capture the dream magick of the winter celebrations through geographical locations. I will be the first to tell you that journeying into unknown spaces in full awareness of its power, creates some of the most potent lucid dream experiences as that is of its own design. Knowingly entering the void to create, creations that manifest into the physical world. As above so below. Enchanted doors, windows and even furniture open gateways to glittering realms of whole new understandings. The rules, functions and laws of such places unto their own design. Lucidity is never more intense than when it is entered into under awareness, day or night.

From the remembering of past lives in ancient lands, or dancing to the old folk music of territory, to the play with enlivened blankets and rugs, my way through Europe was a rich lucid gift. 

To me there is nothing more priceless than the godly rush of creating at a lucid level, one built in magick and enchantment. As I have rewards, the confirmation and affirmations of all my nightly creations in the daytime. Dreaming is a sacred ancient art of magi’s, oracles and shamans. Weaving life into creation by way of dream walking and manifestation. This is linked to the medicine of the spider and the great grandmother spirit. Building temples, seeing loved ones, speaking with nature and riding in Santa’s sleigh are just some of the perks of the astral realms. You are everything and everything is you.

The reality is, just that, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with psychic attack. Make sure when doing dream work and especially traveling that you always keep a protective crystal and plant grid in your area. Evil spirits, demonic black magick and sickness are a very real threat. I am constantly purifying, it’s a requirement before I will sleep in any given area. Boundaries are a matter of life and death. Energy is the foundation of all life, I remove curses all the time. The average person and or family should be seen for purification rites at least once a year. 

Stones good for psychic protection are listed below. Please note that the black grounding stones are best for physical protective earth grids. Bass beatz are more powerful in the Earth realms. Adding a couple others is a good idea to, formations that grow in the higher realms but for spiritual psychic attack. 

Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Hematite, Obsidian, Black Jade and Jade, Aegirine, Asphaltum, Turquoise, Amethyst, Carrolite, Chlorite, Cookeite, Carnelian with Ruby, Ruby, Carnelian with Defernite, Epididymite, Ferrimolybdite, Rainbow Fluorite, Snakeskin Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Limonite, Paratacamite, Pyrargyrite, Wohlerite.

I ended up learning a very big lesson in Turkey in this regards. I am sure most of you have heard of the Turkish Evil Eye. Well, I have a story of the Turkish evil eye and touch. One I plan to write about so stay tuned. 

Where did I visit? France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Turkey. Some of my best sleeping was found in the ornate medicine water town of Marianske Lazne of the NW mountains of the Czech Republic, the holiday streets of northern France and the rugged northern mountains of Italy.


Yours Truly,
Jennifer Delker
Lucid Creations Company
Copyright January 2019


Bathing Pools of Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic 


A Sagittarius New Moon Offering – The Red Chili Pepper

Dec 072018



This zealous zodiac, ruled by the element of fire, governs the thighs. The strongest part of the body temple which resides in the root chakra. The chili, a male spirit of this sign and element, supports the wisdom of purification/detox, the ability to cleanse extreme negativities (curses) by flame and the lusty empowerments of passionate love. With explosive, unexpected force, this plant guide excites and boosts any spell that has to do with romantic love, family, friends, home, career and bodily wealth.

Is your body lethargic or in a rut, has winters fat arrived too early?  Perhaps you are in a disastrous moving situation or a home remodel that could benefit from some extra support. Are you wanting to upgrade a romantic relationship and or start a new one? Chili will help you achieve the lover you most desire and purify the energy of the old one. Have you been verbally, mentally, physically or spiritually abused by a family member before? Does some toxic energy at work require cleansing? Has someone ever psychically attacked you or made ill claims upon your person or belongings? Are you suffering from a poor lifestyle, never getting out of survival mode? Is your house haunted or has there been trauma in the home? Do you have a child that could benefit from igniting vitality, or is too passive in their approach to achievements?

These are all good reasons to bust out this flaming hot medicine. Not to mention its healthful gifts for winter. Such as clearing our sinuses and raising the internal heats of our body by stimulating the circulatory system. Most of my witches brews will have a touch of chili as its unexpected force sets a potent tone for clear manifestation. A woman of the pepper, I eat this plant spirit in some shape or form on a daily basis as I have a innate passion for its flavor. It is interesting that my rising sign is Sagittarius and that my chosen home is in New Mexico. A land of the enchanted Ristras.


A token of activation: If your need this month is in regards to a lover/sex, then consider initiating vibrational change with this plant on the upper inner thighs, where our intimate relations take form. 


Crafting it sexy,


Jennifer Delker

Lucid Creations Company

Copyright December 2018