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Sacred Dream Key 3 - Focus

Nov 032017



FOCUS - Is one of the sacred keys to lucid dreaming. Just as the owl has the most accurate of sight in the night, so must you. If you would like to create lucidly, you will need to focus on your ability to focus, day and night. Meditation is a good exercise but some are composed just for dreaming.

Allowing oneself to start the regular perusal of dream focusing techniques is an initiation in itself. Opening a doorway in your life to the higher purposes in the journey of the potential in this action. 

For your first practice, I offer a simple yet powerful lucid dream body meditation. Personally, I use this several times in one night, being I wake up many, many times to ground my star creations with earthly magick. Willfully going into a deep body trance to open my temple to the keen senses of multidimensional self, it intensifies the ability in being conscious for lucidity. Creating a pristine subtle sensitivity in the focused awareness of physical existence. An exercise that continues to trigger my lucidity while flying, the dense rhythmic vibrations of physical matter are the portal. 

Begin with becoming very quiet within your body, you will be using mostly your mind, heart, spirit and other parts of dimensional self for this exercise. Start at the very tip of your toes, taking all of your awareness to each individual one.  Reserving to move from the toes until you can individually feel each one as a separate extremity, without moving them what-so-ever. Once you have full concentration on your ten toes bring your attention to each one, massaging it with your awareness, offering it a release of any dis-ease, pain or discomfort. Gift your toes all the time it takes to ensure they feel good, leaving when the area feels fully relaxed and vibrant. Note, if you have spent a long time on this area and the pain is diminishing in some area and not others then make special notice of it and move on (our body pain speaks volumes about our consciousness, I use it to bring macrocosm healing to the seeker). Due to the medicine founded in reflexology, I can tell a lot about a person’s energy by their feet.

The idea is to continue this exercise throughout the whole temple, the body. Most beginners do not make it to their knees or hips before they pass out. This meditation not only focuses all of our bodies (heart, mind, body, spirit and etc.) but also creates a focused portal of self to walk through (as we drift into slumber). This meditation is a deep self-trance initiation and also helps with being the observer. Laying on your back is the best position to take for this journey, as it allows the vital life force to flow freely through the energy lines. Such as the Kundalini, the hara and the core star (keeping the spine straight and supported).

Another fun magickal elemental meditation, is to light a yellow (a color good for mental focus, the intellect and mind) candle and bring all your awareness to the flame. Sound easy? Believe me it takes unwavering focus to block the millions of thoughts one is having for even a full minute, try it.  If your being an observer and not a participant of the mind I think you will find that this exercise is one to be practiced frequently. As our mental powers are really disturbed in this time on Earth. With so much desensitization from violent media, radio, EMF waves, marketing and city dwelling, the brain faculties are over utilized. Most must create the time for strengthening the other parts of self. The flame is a sign of everlasting spirit, deeply reminding the soul of the star self. 

Want to make this elemental practice even more magickal? Add walnut oil to the candle and eat some intentionally blessed walnuts before initiating. This spirit gifts astounding focus to the mind, and offers, complete brain functioning support.

As a final little offering, I would like to suggest that you also spend efforts focusing on the unfocusing of your eyes. Allowing them to completely relax, as a integrative reflection of your precise vision work. 

More to come in this regards.

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Sacred Dream Key Two - Observance

Oct 042017



OBSERVANCE - is one of the sacred keys to lucid dreaming. As such, it is considered foundational as an everyday and night practice, for consistent, willful lucidity.

As you lay in bed and your mind begins to slow its demands, try not to participate in the thoughts, feelings and sounds that come forth. Instead, let your focus come to a subtle observance of the impressions that you are experiencing, without identifying with them.

It is with this "birds eye" view, that we train in the ancient art, of being in control, of the wild subconscious parts of universal existence.

This keen, state of being, is where the adventurer begins to understand "spirit", outside of self, and their unique connections to all that is.

Observance, offers us the power of awareness, of where our soul dwells, and the choice to stay or leave, without any attachments, negative or otherwise. We become free to create.

This silent behavior (the lack of personal identification with spirit when entering the dream time) is linked to the magical mysteries of the owl, who's flight and hunt, at night, is such. This is how the owl opens our auditory and vision for keen perception, of spirit and teaches us about the advantages of silence, secrets, wisdom and magic.

The white owl, waits for its prey to come to it, unlike a great horned, screech or barn owl. Which is a worthy preponderance to attain.

Copyright 2016 — with Jennifer Delker.

Pisces Full Moon

Sep 072017



Full Moon in Pisces a 00:02 PST

Empathically dance stepping the entire blueprint, Pisces, ruler of the feet, kisses the earth with the whole body temple, in loving kindness. Giving symphonic gratitude, for all that grew, of this springs planted dream seeds. The garden of our life, and this years intended growth is ready to be collected. What did you set to soil this February/March, figuratively and literally? Did you remember to water your roots? Take stock of what actions rooted, bloomed, fruited and seeded.

By now our bellies are full and ripe, from the harvest, for the anticipated conscious break down. Organizing the years mana for optimal receipt of nourishment, and decomposing that which is toxic, we enact this Virgo gift, gut wisdom. The gut is the home of the core star, tan tien, the astral cord and the enteric nervous system. Here we find our direct path to star self, divinity, and source. It is a space of amplified pranic energy, that records and responds to emotions and communicates with our brains via a nerve pack. Support your digestive track by detoxing, this will send the message to the higher self that your ready to accept the new version of you. Pushing the restart button in the stomach and letting go of all the crap that came your way this summer. Including self limitations and complacency in regards to actively living our dream life.

Pisces and Virgo are both mutable signs, as such they allow for free form change. Gyrate your sacred movements to be in alignment with the Hindu goddess Kali. Now is the time to welcome death and alchemize the shadow self. Watch your step, if your not intentional you could end up crushing sacred boundaries that lead you into emotional ruin. Fear not, for all death (although ugly) inevitably leads to rebirth.

Recognize your feelings as food, identify and discard of the rotten ones. Observantly feast on the beautiful bounty of natural romance, knowing that death is a balanced part to life. It is joyously relieving to come to an end, our rewards of circular journey are here at last.

The following selections represent, either Pisces, Virgo and or the blending of both.

Chakra - Root and Solar

Colors - Red ,Yellow, Purple, Sea Green

Crystals - Amethyst, Kaolinite, Obsidian, Manifestation Quartz, Lodestone, Plume Agate.

Plants - Salvia, Eggplant, Oregano, Grape

Oils - Cardamom, Patchouly, Rose

Today's Numerology - 7

Affirmation - Empowered by godself, I build my dream life by letting go.

Exercise - Reflexology, Foot Stretches, Bridge Yoga Pose, Free Flow Dance, Digestive Detox


In Divinity,

Lucid Creations

Copyright September 6th 2017



Picture - Kaolinite

Kaolinite, during the activities of spiritual evolvement, helps one over the "high ridges", which could become obstacles in the path. It provides encouragement to continue in the pursuit within which one is engaged and provides sympathy when one is "down".  It further assists one in the digesting, processing, and eliminating the problems of life; it seems to transform ragged procession into smooth flow toward the infinite state of excellence. 

This mineral can also be used to provide strength to the user to rid oneself of unwanted influences from the physical plane and to dispel possession of the body by an outside force.  It assists in clairaudient pursuits, bringing forth necessary communication from the spiritual worlds and enhancing transcription activities.

Kaolinite has been used in the treatment to eliminate excess cholesterol, to bring a smoothness and tightening to ones skin, and as an anointing elixir when one is in the state of dis-ease (the anointing has cleared the way for both improvement, and subsequent recovery, via the will of the subject changing such, that the release of the disorder may be through a clear avenue of departure). It has been used in treatment of disorders of the ears, tear ducts, digestion and the lower intestines.

Vibrates to a number 6

 - Melody

Capricorn Full Moon

Jul 082017



With flexibility Capricorn bends into the full moon position (7-08-17, 9:06 pm PST). Ruler of the joints, knees, bones and teeth, this zodiac transforms and grounds down our root chakra. Within the equitable receipt and assertion of energetic pathways, that are aligned with nature, family, community, career and home, we create stable growth that builds our dream life.

Lucidity is linked with the element of water, which makes the Cancer sun an empowered phase. An elemental time to shine a focused light into the unconscious parts of empathic self. Fragments that reflect the moons position. This Capricorn offering will form a new life for us, by addressing the hidden heartfelt wounds of our karmic ancestry and current incarnated bloodlines. Asking our selves what emotional traumas need to be detoxed from our family lineage, romantic merges, cultural traditions, and our relationship with the earth spirits, will be a key to thriving in abundant love. A feeling that is fully supported by the Earth, completely measurable by the quality of our lives. Meaning, you are living your dream life. Those who are listening to the honest inner emotions, will face off the problematic adjustments and engage in the conflicting risks, so that they can have the pleasure of fully living from the heart. After all, trials are what constructs strength, which is exactly what it is going to take to shapeshift your physical reality. Knowing which paths to take will be the challenge, Cancer asks us to listen to the heart center as a DIVINE gauge to a successful life.

Confrontations such as leaving the job that under values us, forgiving (not forgetting) and learning from those who have hurt us most intimately, and letting go of deep cultural racisms will be topics for discussion (war, genocide). Neutralizing old aggressions learned from our past, ending and or healing our polluted relationships, and spending time nurturing the things that we love most about ourselves, will naturally navigate our Earthly positions. Setting us up to flourish.

Governor of the breasts, womb and parts of the digestive trek, Cancer is all about the joyful creation of self nourishment. Once we learn to hone this skill, we can trust that there will be enough nectar flowing for the pleasure of others. Using our vulnerability as a strength instead of a weakness, will make the honest discovery and the enactments of such, light work. Moving ancient mountains with a river of life.

The following is a selection for both zodiacs.

Chakra - Root, Sacral, Heart

Colors - Red, Orange, Green and Acqua or Peridot

Plants - Cabbage, Lemon, Lettuce (Cancer), Beet, Turnip (Capricorn)

Trees - Pecan (Capricorn), Hazelnut (Cancer)

Numerology - 7, Quiet, Introspective, Intuitive, Analytical, Inspirational, Reclusive, Philosophical, Mystical.

Animal- Crustaceans, Mollusks, Goat

Crystals- Green Beryl, Lead, Galena, Rhodizite, Topaz Multicolored, Tektite Guandong, Flame Aura Quartz, Chevron Amtheyst, Moldavite, Meteorite, Vivianite, Moonstone, Pearl, Ruby.

Affirmation- Nourishing the feelings of love, shapes my life to reflect abundance.


Picture: Vivianite clam found in Washington state.


Yours Truly,


Copyright 7/7/2017

Gemini New Moon 2017

May 252017



As of 12:44 pm ,this Thursday 5/25/17 PST, our moon will be joining the sun in a Gemini whirl wind.

Every new moon there is a death and birth, what makes this one particularly more powerful is that Gemini is a sign that flourishes in the space of opposites, its keen on living within the threshold.

Existing in the intersection of communicative disagreement nourishes Gemini's cravings for complication and variety. I always know when the moon has changed into Gemini, as it leaves a trail of car accidents as proof (this method has NEVER failed me).

Gemini's duality compliments this heightened celestial time of the new moon, as the sun sets in the exact zodiac. This positions the signs presence in the male and female aspect of self, receiving and giving. Thinking about balance in regards to personal conveyance, articulation, social etiquettes and flirtation will be one of the ways this zodiac speaks to us during this time. Learning how to receive and activate in balance, personal responsibility, through the proper use of verbal communication, will be a key to the manifestation of pleasure.

Currently we need to be mentally dexterous when it comes to the consideration of, decision making in, our skills of listening and the chosen perceptions of what we hear. Its logical that we adapt our words to vocalize our approval of being into our binary points of view, it is not necessary to choose one or the other. Instead we find success in making camp at the intersection. If you have ever witnessed a separation of two people that you love, then you know exactly what it is that I am talking about. Unconditional love paired with boundaries is going to be necessary to navigate these wind storms.

As spring drawls to a close, Gemini (a mutable sign) distributes all of our seasonal efforts, making way for the summer to take command. This can be witnessed within our oral networking and social bonds made over this last three months of growth. It should reflect the divine parts of us that we planted under the guidance of Virgo's true beauty (Februarys full moon) and Pisces root down (ruler of the feet) in March.

Chakra- Throat

Body Parts - hands, fingers, arms, shoulders, upper ribs, lungs, bronchial tracts, trachea, thymus gland, nerves and nervous system. This zodiac is powerfully aligned within the throat chakra (although the lungs are part of the heart chakra).

Plant - Mint, Borage

Tree - Pine, Aspen

Flowers - Honeysuckle, Rose

Oils - Lavender, Peppermint, Chamomile and Myrrh.

Crystals - Chrysocolla, Aquamarine, Emerald, Green and Blue Moss Agate, and Turquoise.

Affirmation - My thoughts and speech are considered before I utter them.

Exercise: Lay on back, bring legs over the shoulders and position feet upon the floor or wall. You should bend at the neck, where the collar bone meets the throat.

Yours Truly,

Copyright 6/03/16

Picture: Chrysocolla and Chalcedony (quartz).