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"Freedom is love and love is freedom, anything that violates this divine truth is of the dark. "

Over the years of my short life I have come across at least 10 different species of aliens, in the astral realm as well as personal unmistakable sightings here on planet Earth.  Each with its own intentions of taking what it wants from humans and wildlife.  Not one had a beneficial intent for humans.  Whenever I come across them I force them out of the realm I discover them in, if I can.  They live in mountains here on Earth and travel the stars for their purposes of control, some aliens collaborate with demons.  Each species is unique in its development and characteristics.   

A unknown number of humans have alien implants. Every year in the united states alone over 700 alien reports are made on a monthly basis.  This number puts the presence of  aliens into perspective.

I am still discovering a lot about aliens.   Due to this fact I am not posting much on this page, outside of my acknowledgement of their existence. If you want to discuss this in regards to a need for healing we can, I do see alien implants, but please do your own research if its in regards to whats out there and why. Its only due to the fact that I have to know for healing purposes and not out of any real interest that I talk about them at all.  They force themselves upon us and its my calling to put a stop to it as well. 

Although I do not completely agree with their views a very interesting television program to watch is Ancient Aliens.  The materials that they present are indeed fascinating, historically accurate and provide a good base of proof of other worldly dimensions.

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