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Dream alchemist, witchdoctor and quantum vibrational artisan, I AM embodied each day within the light healers sacred right of way.  Through lifetimes of development with lucid star travel, I  behold a privileged gift of sight, sound and a spiritual map of the cosmos.  As an affirmed divine creator, I intentionally bring consciousness into these other dimensions. Offering enjoyment, healing and blessings to all of the life that  I encounter . I transform the victimized into the empowered and support the light healers journey  into the divine, I AM,  god self. 

It is my  dharma and my privilege to bring awareness. By sharing personal truths and living consciousness to the mother Earth's people. So that all life can obtain harmony, go back to the joyful dance of playful living and deeply connect to the  divinity of nature.  It is our birth right to claim our god selves and to become active, responsible, loving creators. The empowerments of creation are unlimited. 

Initiated by spirit and not a practitioner, you will find that my  medicine is raw, wild and crystallized.


I claim heaven on Earth, by embodying my divinity and activating ancient magick. I guide others on how to shapeshift their dreams to transform their lives. As above so below, this is what the wise ones know.

As you evaluate your choice in finding the support you need,  I would like you to know just a few ways that make me unique as a healer.  First of all, there is not one night that goes by that I do not intentionally create with lucid dreaming. Out of 12 hours of sleep I am lucid about 6, and always remember the majority of all my star travels.  I have four planets in the sign of Scorpio, including the moon and sun, and five planets  in Libra. My personal style is direct, vividly revealing and vibrantly charged. I am a natural born problem solver. Harboring the innate aptitude and intensity, to go deep for diagnoses of the root issue. Authentically gifting long lasting healing, real transformation and manifestation.  My power numbers are 1, 2, 8,  and 11.   I have ancient past life roots in Assyria/Mesopotamia, Africa (Sahara), Persia, India, Tibet, China, Greece  and with  countless indigenous and native tribes such as the Toltec's. More importantly though, is that I consider myself a universal star wizard. I exist in and traverse dimensions and realms that are completely out of this world .  I currently practice purification (the removal of negative entities) on a daily basis and maintain a healthy balance. I will not do services when I am out of balance (which happens time to time from spiritual attacks, personal emergencies and life in general).  Being born under the new moon in the sign of Scorpio. A master of death and rebirth, is a mark of my abilities as a shifter of energy (the phoenix rising, 0 and 1 (1-9), waning moon and new moon). This is otherwise known as spiritual alchemy , the transformation of energy. A measurable phased pattern, made up of light, numerology and sound, that always leads to a death and rebirth.  

Where I shine the brightest is in the art of lucid dreaming, plant medicine, crystal wisdom, shapeshifting, dowsing, divination, detoxification, and the deep traversing and transformation of the pain body (dark entities). At the core  of it all, is the sacred art of sound.

The only thing that is constant is change. How gracefully, dynamically, timely and effortlessly depends on your perception, experience and willingness to receive. All life needs help and support to obtain balance. Especially medicine people. We are all on a continuous path of limitless growth. It is truly my desire to activate my talents, to accurately propel you into your highest self. At the most divine pace, so that we can all consciously come together in celebration of our embodied empowerments. May there be peace, love and happiness upon Earth. 

Lucid, leads the way to living heaven on Earth, by activating the magical, universal values, founded in unbounded, creative, lucidity. It is not enough to think, feel, or know that we are divine, we must embody it as well. I ground, sacred sound within the body temple, and exist as a living example. With the initiated, organic blessings of crystallized nature, I nourish the core star. This mobile sanctuary offers high vibes for transformation and self love. A resonation that surpasses race, sex, religion, sexual orientation and even the physical body. These principles allow for the everlasting receipt, of the awakened gifts, of god self. Love is light.

  • Bio-Energetic Surgery
  • Purification/Detoxification
  • Psychic Protection
  • Quantum Physics
  • Sound Healing
  • Magick
  • Angel Therapies
  • Shamanics
  • Numerology
  • Alchemy
  • Hermetics
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Light Healer
  • Folklore and Myths
  • Spagyrics
  • Mycology
  • Herbalism
  • Ancient Spiritual Philosophy
  • Demonology
  • Native and Indigenous Tribes - Including European
  • Gaia and Goddess Worship
  • Nature Shrines- Nature Mandalas - Tree Medicine
  • Earth Activist
  • Geomancy
  • Elixirs and Potions
  • Ancient Civilization
  • Astrology
  • History and Science
  • Dowsing
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Reflexology
  • Brain Waves
  • Chanting
  • Crystal Wisdom Grid Works
  • Ayurvedics
  • Chakra and RainbowHealing

Jennifer  has been an activist for the last 15 years with over 40  non-profit organizations, such as:  Oceana, American Rivers, Defenders for Wildlife, The Wildlife Guardians,Center for Biological Diversity, Consumers Union, World Wild Life Fund, Save the Children, Azvazz, Organic Consumers Organization, NRDC, Environmental Action, The Sierra Club, Move On,  Washington Environmental, Amnesty International, Union of Concerned Scientist and Save the Bees.  She is forever  manifesting change, with physical action, as just one part, of an elemental magickal initiation.

On any given day  you may find her rock hounding, creating food mandalas, and planting medicine wheels. She gives priority to blessing bodies of water, nourishing trees,  and playing with mushrooms. She also offers year round education by speaking at relevant conferences. Such as shamanic gatherings, fairy festivals,  and high vibe music camp outs. She prefers more intimate affairs .

Her interest and hobbies have led her to the study of mycology and bio-technology. Such as replacing styrofoam packaging with fungi, and algae hydro carbons as a solution to plastic, for the remediation of  toxic damage. By the sharing of education and research in environmental clean up, and investment, she gives back to the Earth.  Jennifer  is a member of the Puget Sound Mycological Society. This advanced fungi club is based in Seattle Washington.  She has been studying mycology for 16 years  with enthusiasm and passion.

Currently she is  investing into organic farming and organic orchards as a long term solution to living and creating a regenerative way of life. She now has the historical pleasure of claiming her home in Taos NM. A small, yet active resort town that offers year round pleasures. Recently purchasing a remote adobe between 300 and 500 years old, it is undergoing restoration.  Situated river front of the epic Rio Grande and a panoramic bowl of national park mountain ranges. The land is an exotic and contrasting energy. Boasting high altitude mountains and deep unending mineral water canyons. Taos is known to be the city of light, New Mexico's gem.

Jennifer is a member of the local Fruit Tree Club, Garden Club, and Audubon Society. Homesteading acreage at the edge of national park property, she stewards horses and the wild animals that call the land home.  As an ongoing dream to bring balance to the local waters, she studies and grows mollusks, giving extra attention to clams. 

"If you can change your imaginings, you can change the world." - Ted Andrews

"Everything in life is vibration."  - Albert Einstein

"With each loving action I take, I show my gratitude and give honor to all that is." - Lucid

"My body is my temple".

"Nature is the gateway to heaven"  - Lucid

"Eating is the nourishment of the soul , and as such it is considered a sacred rite". - Lucid

"Singing a song from the heart, that bares no words, is the secret language of the universe." - Lucid

"With each breath I  take in,  I receive the living blessings of nature." - Lucid

"You are what you eat."

"Drink from thy own fountain of life." - Lucid

"The balance of love is, and always will be the determining factor. Love is light." - Lucid

"I am fully supported by divinity". - Lucid

"If you always think your right, then you will never learn." 

"Sound is sacred, the word is god." I know the gift of gab. - Lucid



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Address: Taos, NM 87571

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