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Lucid's Conscious Mobile Spa and Gem Elixir Lounge

For one whole year now, Lucid has been in the design and construction phase of a custom 102" x 14' Gypsy vardo wagon tiny house. Intended as a mobile sanctuary for healing, the one of a kind sacred space will be serving-up ancient, multi-cultural energetic offerings. Including organic, high end spa services, for that spiritual minded seeker.

Rolling up to any destination, private house calls, local island time, special events, and in city day clinics are all part of the design. With a copper half moon outdoor shower and cedar deck, and a pop-out curtained outdoor lounge, this spa will offer full private amenities. Inside, one may enter into privacy for deep , transformative energetic exchanges,or choose to gather with others for merriment and the sharing of wisdom. I most generously invite the true seeker, to come and indulge in the divine nourishment of self love, multi-dimensionally.

No expense on this project has been spared, from antique mirror glass, special lighting features, custom drapery, locally designed innovative appliances, to hand crafted cushions, pillows and bedding. The interior will offer a creative amount of storage space, including a two door glass hutch, bench storage, a two sliding barn door shelving cases, and a bottom bunk/storage trunk. Organically inspired, and naturally executed in the benefit of Gaia. Using milk paints, mother of pearl tiling, natural stains, wool insulation and the option for solar power, set the tone with lots of character.

Fully imagined by Lucid, within visions, dreams and seeking. Manifested, through the awesome powers of a balanced and activated magickal life. One may find refuge and replenishment within her presence. It is Lucid's pleasure, to invite you in, for the core warming of your bones, and inner star by the fireplace. Come find fancy and inspiration amongst the wares. Take a seat to reflect upon your creations and delve deep for the complete replacement of all that is no longer good for you.

Welcome to the soundsanctuary of Lucid Creations Company.

Project Updates

February 16th 2017

A Lucid journey, manifesting my whimsical dreams. Inviting heaven on Earth, wherever I  go.

The drapes are finally installed! Ivory velvet fabric balloons, a sparkle natural texture and cornice, a burlap shower and pop-out spa lounge. Now all I need to do is reposition my set up, so I can actually enjoy the outdoor covered area. Its right next to our camper, while we await the house to break ground, this spring. It's been quite the journey. Oh wow, homesteading requires a lot of physical involvement, especially on raw grounds.

January 28th, Chinese New Year

Currently adding some indoor whimsical strokes, as I await the finishing touches, listening to Mongolian throat chanting and drinking pear cider.

Fully anointed in Walnut and beeswax , the whole interior features white woods, in contrast to the dark, naturally aged cedar of the exterior. The random white oak flooring is painted in white milk paint, to the number 9, for the alchemical wheel of life (1-9). White was chosen for purity and milk gifts divine, living, fertile nourishment, the mother. An antique Spanish chandelier, stretches 5 branches for the pentagram, a starfish charm for this beachfront dream sanctuary. Glimmering 10 lights ,it blinks to the binary code of 0 and 1, female and male, yin and yang. The circle bunk mirror is encased in an octagon, which is my power number (the wagon has many 8 pointed stars throughout the d├ęcor). The walls stuffed with lambs wool ,captures the energy, you warm your bones, deep, using a radiant heater for that steady heat. Reserving, the firing up, of the mother of pearl tiled, Kimberly stove, for spa and nourishment only.

Running 120 and 12V (solar power is soon to be installed, 4 batteries), a 3-way bunk dimmer for main light, with LED touch lights, custom lit hutch, ceiling star lights(with rainbow wheel) and exterior white seaside fog illuminators, for ambience, convenience and efficiency. The main chandelier, and the petite one to come, for placement above the sink, sparkle the color acqua, with all other accents in the vardo being mixed metal, displaying an extra showing of silver and gold (sun and moon, I dream awake, Lucid). All custom made pillows (some from Europe), wood buttoned patchwork lace quilt, Moroccan ottoman, Indian rug, vintage Moroccan wedding Handira, and royally stuffed with genuine crystals, galore. The mobile conscious medical spa, is all natural, RV licensed, registered, paid for and now insured!

What a fun adventure, dreaming up, decorating, and manifesting charm. Its a process, capturing the journey is part of the enjoyment, creating something from nothing. I most recently added an apple branch, pot/pan and herb drying rack, that holds a strainer stuffed with beach treasures. Including 4 antique acqua glass Japanese fishing balls. This apple branch was swelling with fruit this year (due to some magickal blessings) and when a huge wind storm came, while we were away, I found it on the ground. I ended up feeding the horses, pigs and rabbits all the fruit and saved it for this project. Oh yes (I almost forgot), and some fairy outlet cover doors, made out of natural wood and metal, to create some portals to light. See you soon, preferably, seaside!

P.S. This design is wholly created and owned by Lucid, if you would like to consider using plans for your own project, please contact me. There are many ways to add in an oven, dishwasher and so forth.

September 29th, 2016

Whew...whee! Its movin' along, and its excitin'!

The tongue of the trailer has recently been turned into an outdoor cedar shower basin, for the half moon copper pop-out. This will be a private spa amenity for those who receive services. The space will be adorned and separated with custom drapery, that folds up for safe and easy road traveling.

The outdoor wood is cedar ,that has been naturally aged with a steel wool and vinegar concoction. The inside is a choice, personal, spiritual selection of light woods, includig, white birch, white pine, white oak and poplar, in its nude state, except for the hutch and random pieces in the flooring (which will be white milk paint). I chose to use mixed metals for all of the hardware throughout the project, for character and energetic purposes.

One part of the bench to the half moon table is an enclosed, "royal", potty. The other wall is one 48" long storage bench, underneath a 3' x 4' awning window. All windows will be encased with white milk painted, wood trim. Lucid's lounge will offer prime viewing of the wood burning fireplace. Locking, drop down tables, are the side, out door access to the bottom bunk, which is entered as well beneath the inside table. This bunk allows the easy removal of the mattress for extra event storage.

Currently, we are still waiting for the permit to seal the walls with wool, in the wagon, which feels like, the anticipation, of a small child around the holidays. Much more surprises ahead, momma didn't spare a dime! This is too much fun, to settle for basics.

September 13th, 2016

So much has been done since I have been in my travels. All of the electrical, water tanks, potty, batteries and plumbing are now finished.

In addition, the natural steel wool stain for the exterior (Cedar), milk painted door, folding deck and hammered copper outdoor shower storage boxes, are near done.

This door is made from reclaimed Douglas fir wood, from old houses in California. It is a Dutch door, with an inside shelf, with an opening, privacy mirrored port hole. Being, that I am from the NW beachfront, I thought it charming to add in a bit of nautical love.

There are so many high end finishes and details, still yet to make their way to the scene. This is the best show and tell ever, dreams manifested, for sure!

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Address: Taos, NM 87571

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